11 Small Black Owned Business to Support

11 Small Black Owned Business to Support

As many of our loyal regulars know, we are a small, POC owned business with an almost entirely female team. The images of police brutality circulating the country disturb each of us personally. While we can say we unequivocally denounce racism, we also have a platform we can use to uplift Black people’s voices.

There are several ways to support our Black sisters and brothers, some of which include voting, donating to causes geared to correct racial injustices, and having conversations with family, friends or even strangers on racial injustices.

But we also believe that change can be brought about by changing our daily behaviors, including the simple act of where we shop. This behavior change has the power to create economic upliftment for black entrepreneurs now and going forward into the long term, not just when topics of racial inequality and systemic racism are trending. Our wallets can carry a lot of power beyond direct donations, like supporting black owned business.

Here, we are highlighting an incredible list Black owned small businesses that we encourage you to shop black. You can also visit the site Support Black Owned, which helps filter Black owned businesses based on category and location for hundreds more. You can show your support by shopping small businesses owned by African Americans, but BIPOC, this is black, indigenous, and people of color.

OUI the People

Founder and CEO Karen Young began the indie shave brand OUI the People as, well, a big “F-You” to the beauty industry’s hair standards. They focus on healing and making your skin thrive instead of using marketing buzzwords.

Their products are also clean and sustainable. Instead of the typical disposable razors, they sell high-quality metal razors that are also much gentler for the skin and good for all hair types. Their additional products are also packaged and produced with sustainability at their core.

Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care

Andrelle’s ethos is “Minimum ingredients. Maximum results.” Like us, they believe in using simple, effective clean ingredients in all their products. They have a wide range, including masks and a heavenly-smelling SPF 45 clean sunscreen.

They also sell beauty teas, carefully blended to improve the results of their products.


The founder and CEO of eHoney is an amazing young woman named Erika Briana Clark, who started her company after graduating college with a degree in Biology. She began by treating her own skin with home remedies, and then apprenticed under a dermatologist. eHoney focuses on melanated skin and uses honey as its key base. Their products also include ones for hair and body.

Mary Louise Cosmetics

Mary Louise takes a simple, natural, and pure approach to skin care. Their product line includes staples like serums, masks, and body butters (they also have a mango butter product, one of the key ingredients we’ve gone over in the past). They also sell essential oil soap bars, and for COVID-19, small hand sanitizers with $1 donated to relief funds.

essential oil, hand and body shop soap bars with natural ingredients

Urban Grape 

For our Boston-area folks, be sure to check out Urban Grape, a local wine store doing both pickups and deliveries. What makes Urban Grape different from other wine stores is that instead of organizing shelves by region, they organize by the body of the wine (called the Progressive Scale). This helps you find the perfect wine for your palette while exploring different varieties and regions.

Red Bay Coffee

When is a cup of coffee more than a cup of coffee? When Red Bay Coffee is the one serving it! Local to the Bay Area, while many of their stores haven’t been open due to the pandemic, they’re still fulfilling online orders. Owner Keba Konte, despite already being a successful artist, began the company to build a space that was inclusive, sustainable, and a place to root economic development.

Lip Bar

As their name suggests, Lip Bar began as a company specializing in custom, inclusive lip products. Now they have a whole range of makeup products, from brows to brushes. According to their website, their lipsticks are a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that includes shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E. All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free.

black woman smiling


The women’s undergarment brand Proclaim states that they were founded on “the principles that fashion should represent all women and can be made in a way that does good for people and the planet.” This means they have inclusive nude shades, and use fabric and production methods that are sustainable, including super-soft tencel.

Brave + Kind Bookshop 

The perfect store for anyone with little ones to visit. The Brave + Kind Bookshop is a collection of diverse, creative childrens books. Not only will POC children see themselves in these stories, but they sell books that are incredible teaching tools for us all when it comes to learning about racism and prejudice. When it comes to teaching children how to be anti-racist, this is the place to start.

Serendipitous Project 

“Ethically sourced and made with love.” That’s what founder Sydney Ziems says about her brand the Serendipitous Project. Her store sells ethical and sustainably sourced jewelry. Oh, and everything she sells is also super, super cute.

To minimize impact on the environment, many of the products are hand-made to order, or are one-of-a-kind unique vintage finds of upcycled.

House Dogge

Finally, something for your furry friends. Owner and designer Angela Medlin began House Dogge after she was having trouble finding sustainable, well-designed dog accessories. Having been a designer for huge brands like Nike, she decided she would make some herself! Now, she tells merino wool and vegan leather toys perfect for your pooch.

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