3 Reasons Balancing Work and Life Make for Better (and Healthier!) Business

Today is as good a reminder as any that balance in our lives is key. As a small startup business with the steep uphill battle to helping reimagine the beauty industry, rest and balancing home and work are often afterthoughts. But they need to be front and center, no matter what we’re fighting for. 

3 Reasons Balancing Work and Life Matters

  1. It Grounds Us: Too often in today’s digital world, we can plug in for hours and still feel like there’s no time to take a break. We eat lunch staring at our emails, or parse out our to-dos while giving the kids a bath. We can be constantly plugged in to our work, even without our devices in hand. But when we take that time to really disconnect from our work it can serve as the greatest reminder of all about why we’re doing it. While we’re here fighting for clean beauty, it matters not just for all of our customers present and future, but for our daughters and their daughters, for our sons and their sons. How we source and manufacture beauty products doesn’t just impact our skin, but our health and our planet, and what better reminder than the family and friends we love? 
  1. It Inspires Us: Why do we do what we do? Why does any entrepreneurial effort move forward? Inspiration. Be it a product, a service, or a story that needs telling, if we’re not inspired, we’re out of touch. And we can find inspiration in the most unexpected places: a home-cooked meal, a bedtime story, a leaf design in wallpaper. When we bring balance—that is true presence in our moments away from work—we’re able to find inspiration when we least expect it.
  1. It Motivates Us: For a small business, the hours our long, the hats many. We’re in it to win it, of course and love what we do. But exhaustion is always just over the horizon, ready to tell us to give up, that we can’t make a difference. What a shame if we surrender to it. Motivation can come in waves—certainly at the beginning of any endeavor, but it can wane as the reality of the work sets it. It can leave us feeling overwhelmed and incapable. Tuning into our family, our friends, and our networks of support can remind us that there is no reason to sidestep our greatness, our commitment, or our dreams.

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