5-Minute Easy Holiday Makeup Look by Panka

5-Minute Easy Holiday Makeup Look by Panka

Hi there,

I’m Panka, organic makeup artist and blogger, mostly known as Mademoiselle Panka and I’m taking over Poethique’s blog today.

I’ve been a makeup artist for 5 years now but somehow when it comes to doing my own makeup, I like to keep it simple and as fast as possible, especially during the holidays when I’m 5 times busier than usually. Do you feel me?

Today I thought, why not share with you my ultimate favourite holiday look, that could work on any other day too and takes no more than 5 minutes. It is super simple, you don’t need any fancy tools and requires only to have a basic minimum makeup kit.

Makeup you’ll need:

  • Foundation, bb or cc cream, preferably a foundation brush but you can use your fingers too
  • Eyebrow powder and an angle brush
  • Red, rosy or peachy lipstick
  • Mascara

The secret to a long lasting, even and radiant makeup lays in the process of skin preparation. Poethique’s ‘Deeply Cleansing Milk’ and ‘Radiance Boosting Serum’ comes handy for it.

First, massage a small amount of Cleansing Milk in damp skin all over the face and neck for a few seconds then rinse it thoroughly. As a second step, before moving on to actually applying the makeup, put a pea size of Serum on your finger tips and apply it to your face using circular motions

As a base for your makeup, apply your BB cream or foundation evenly on your face, don’t forget to work it down on your neck too for a more natural finish.

I like doing the eyebrows as a second thing using powders instead of a pencil. I feel it looks more natural and super easy to apply with an angle brush.

Here are my favourite secret tricks I use afterwards: I don’t put my lipstick on as full volume, I apply some on my fingers than dab it on my lips and what’s left on my fingertip I apply to my cheeks.

For this look, there’s no need to use highlighter as the serum under your foundation already gives you a healthy glow.

You can finish off with using, organic, cruelty-free mascara and as the French would say ‘Voilà!’

Here is how this 5 minute makeup looks on me:

5 minute holiday make-up by Panka

Good luck my dears!

If you do this look please tag Poethique and me (@mademoisellepanka) on Instagram so we can see your beautiful face!




IG: @mademoisellepanka

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