5 Post-Holiday Tips for Getting Out of A Slump

5 Post-Holiday Tips for Getting Out of A Slump

When it’s the holiday season, it seems like every little thing gets in the way of regular workouts. And while it’s easy to stress about not hitting the yoga mat regularly or missing your favorite high-intensity boot camp, it is not the end of world to take a couple of weeks off. After all, celebrating with family and friends is good for the heart and soul. But beware that post-holiday slump when it is twice as hard to get to the gym again. The key to avoiding the feeling that you’re restarting from scratch is to make a plan for resuming workouts very quickly after the holidays have concluded. Which can be easier said than done!

So to help our readers prepare, we’ve put together a list of post-holiday tips for getting back into that workout routine. Enjoy!

1. Be Intentional

Being intentional is a tip we hear all the time for accomplishing things like managing time and being more connected. It is a good principle for getting back into the routine come January. But what does it mean to be intentional?

It means that we don’t just say we’ll resume workouts in January, we actually make solid plans that require some sort of commitment. For example, choose a specific calendar date on which workouts will resume. Then find a way to hold yourself to it.

A group of friends can keep track of one another. If everyone within that circle knows that workouts will resume on January 3, for example, they can all check up on one another to make sure everyone stuck to the agreed date.

Or you could find a class that you have to sign up for and commit to, in the first week of January. When classes have been paid for, it’s harder to find an excuse to not go.

2. Make a Clean Break

Next, make a point of making a clean break with the holiday season. There are lots of ways to do this. The best way, though, is to re-establish the general routine of normal life as soon as you can. Leave the holidays and all their less regimented activities behind, come January.

If the week between Christmas and New Year’s was a week of staying up late and sleeping in, let’s commit to getting back on a regular sleep schedule. If there was a lot of time spent in front of the TV watching Christmas movies and sporting events, commit to getting back to limited TV time. The quicker we get back to a normal routine in general, the easier we find it to get back into a workout routine.

3. Find a Workout Partner

A lot of us would probably agree that working out is easier when you have someone to do it with. So find a workout partner. A group of three or more is even better. Working out as a group not only adds accountability but it also offers a built-in supply of mutual support and encouragement.

4. Try Something New, Establish New Goals

New Year’s resolutions often fail because they are too generic. However, setting and tracking goals offers some necessary motivation. So commit to starting the new year with some specific workout goals. Maybe it’s losing 5 pounds of Christmas pudding weight, or being able to run a 2 miles further. Either way, set some goals and write them down. Then track them and mark them off the list when reached.

5. Make It Fun

Lastly, try to make workouts fun. Nothing is worse than dragging yourself to the gym while dreading what we all know waits on the other side of those doors. But if we can make workouts fun, we might actually look forward to them. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Our founder loves watching reruns of her favourite early aughts TV shows while running on a treadmill. Nothing like a little Friends to boost a workout!

Now, ready, get set and go!

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