Celebrating Personal Growth and Self Improvement

Celebrating Personal Growth and Self Improvement

In just a few weeks time, not only is the year coming to a close, but so is the decade. Social media has been filled with the effect ten years has had on the world. And a lot has happened! With today’s post, we’re celebrating growth in all different ways.

Our Growth 

In the past ten years, the clean beauty world has seen an incredible amount of growth. What once began as a small-batch, grassroots movement has spread to a global force and infiltrated everywhere from luxury boutiques to big box stores.

Consumers are more educated than ever before, and they know the dangers behind parabens, BPA, and talc powder. As issues with these chemicals come to light, more and more people are looking for alternative, natural products with ingredients they can understand. And with watchdog organizations like the Environmental Working Group (EWG), consumers can easily research product safety ratings.

The EWG was launched in 2004, but it took a long time for mainstream beauty companies to get on-board. In the past few years, however, they had realized there is a huge demand for clean products. Now you can find entire natural beauty sections in places like Target (2017) and Sephora (2018).

The growth of clean beauty has been a double-edged sword. There’s more demand than ever, but as bigger companies join the competition, there becomes less room for the smaller companies that pioneered the movement. We believe that when shopping for clean products, it’s important to not only buy based off ingredients, but off the mission of the company itself. Here at Poéthique, we’re transparent with our process and are sustainable from start to finish.

Celebrating Your Personal Growth

But enough about us! Let’s talk about you. It’s amazing to see the clean beauty world grow so much, but we care just as much about the personal growth of our customers.

People can have a hard time celebrating themselves and their own growth. Why? It’s because we’re wired to focus on the negatives, where we’ve failed. We’re always thinking about what we could have done differently in a given situation, instead of what we’ve done well.

Success and growth aren’t just present in your professional life, either. Personal growth is just as important, as it affects every area of your life, even your mental health.

There is always a time for constructive criticism, and self awareness is very important for growth. But it’s always important to celebrate yourself when you can, because you need to know your strengths just as much as your weaknesses. Don’t ignore your personal and professional victories, because these are the things that give you the encouragement to achieve your goals. Celebrating is about the future just as much as it’s about the past.

How do you celebrate? Well, that’s all up to you! Never underestimate the power of treating yourself to a delicious meal or a home spa day (we can help with that!).

Improving Yourself

But how do you continue to grow and not stay stagnant? There are thousands of articles out there about personal development and ways to improve yourself, so we’re not going to go into great detail here, but rather general tips.

First, set a goal. You need to know what part of your life you want to improve before you can take conscious steps to do so. Maybe this is a simple goal, like becoming better read. Or it may be more complicated, like becoming kinder.

Second, decide on tangible steps that will help you reach your self-improvement goals. Even if your goals are big and lofty, try and bring it back down to reality.

If your goal is becoming better read, stop wasting time and start working on it – start by reading a book. Drill down even further than that and set a yearly or monthly goal. If you want to become kinder, start with our foster generosity guide!

Ultimately there are many different ways to celebrate growth and to improve your life by building on what you’ve already accomplished. Improvement starts with practicing good habits and staying on track. As we’ve seen with the clean beauty industry, a lot can change in a short period of time. So put negative thoughts aside, keep focusing on self improvement, celebrating and achieving your goals going into 2020!

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