Early Skincare Habits To Start In Your 20s

Early Skincare Habits To Start In Your 20s

Google is great but nothing beats skincare advice from mom passed down through the ages. The lifestyle choices you make today define how your skin will look tomorrow and ten years from now.  True skin health comes from so much more than just what you put on top of it – it’s about what you’re putting into your body and how you’re handling your mind. The bottom line is the better you treat your skin, the better it will treat you by becoming healthy and radiant.

The skin is one of the first places to show internal imbalance – in the body or mind – so if you have an issue, chances are it’s rooted on the inside. This can be a useful tool for gauging how we’re feeling and what’s going on with our bodies. Stressed about a deadline? Period coming up? Not drinking enough water? Once you become mindful of your skin and it’s connection to other aspects of your life, you’ll discover there’s no need to slather it with harmful chemicals. Treating the root cause is always the most effective way to go. While the optimal routine for skin health will vary from season to season, there are a few tried and true practices to stick to year-round. Here are some skincare tips we’ll pass on to our daughters for healthy and radiant skin from the inside out.

Cleanse properly

Removing dirt and bacteria build up is essential for healthy skin and good cleansing always starts with a good product. Look for something clean and plant-based to avoid the toxic chemicals found in many beauty products today. Once you’ve found a gentle yet effective cleanser, use it religiously morning and night. Always take off your makeup a night and only use makeup wipes when absolutely necessary. Wipes often just smear your makeup around and don’t actually give your skin the deep clean it needs after a long day of environmental exposure. Alternate in a plant-based exfoliator once or twice a week (more often in the dry winter months). Exfoliation is the topical key to skin health. It helps get rid of any dead skin and clogged pores to reveal the supple and radiant skin beneath.

Choose clean products

Unfortunately, due to a lack of regulation in the U.S., many everyday beauty products are filled with harmful ingredients that can be toxic to an vast array of internal processes. Many are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. However many companies cover up the true nature of their products by using misleading adjectives like “green”, “natural”, and “eco” among other things. Do your research on what constitutes clean beauty, what harmful ingredients to steer clear of and what your skincare values are  (do you value sustainability, animal testing fair trade?) Once you know your facts and values, it’s easier to navigate the sea of products to find what will work for you.

Don’t pick

Popping a fat pimple may be tempting in the moment and those pimple popping videos on YouTube certainly don’t help with the temptation. But it’s the worst thing you can do. Not only will it get in the way of a speedy recovery, but it can also leave you with scarring and/or infection. Instead, examine what may be causing the inflammation in the first place. Is it diet? Hormones? A new product you’re using? Once you’ve narrowed down the cause you can address the root issue instead of applying topical treatments to the symptoms as they pop up.

Nourish yourself

Radiant skin starts with what you put into your body. Nourish yourself with clean, whole foods – organic when possible. Cut down on takeout and cook for yourself, enjoying the process as you go. Preparing your food with intention changes the way you relate to it. Have you ever heard “the secret ingredient is love”? Be present in the process and mindful of the fact that when you cook you are performing a loving act and the food itself becomes this. On a more specific level, the bests foods for your body are something you’ll have to discover as you go. Pay attention to how you feel after meals and swap in and out ingredients when they do or don’t agree with you. If you’re having any kind of skin issues, a good first step is to take a look at your diet.

Hydrate often

Drinking water every day is an essential component of healthy, happy skin. Despite the popular eight 8 oz glasses a day rule, there’s no agreed upon the amount of water you should be consuming. Your optimal intake will vary from day to day depending on the environment and your activities. Water helps lubricate your skin for a supple and even complexion that’s less prone to wrinkles and breakouts. Proper hydration also impacts organ functioning and the body’s ability to transport nutrients. Don’t take our word for it – check out the difference in your skin the day after drinking two liters of water, it will make you a believer.

Sleep well

Not only is sleep essential for brain health it also allows the body to repair itself and heal from inflammation. While you sleep, your brain triggers the release of hormones that encourage tissue growth. When you’re sleep-deprived your body increases production of the stress hormone cortisol instead which actually leads to more inflammation and, by extension, a whole host of skin problems. Optimize your sleep by winding down an hour or two before bed with some warm tea, a good book or whatever your favorite calming practices are. Try to avoid blue light from tech screens around two to three hours before you head to sleep. It turns out that this is the single biggest contributor to sleep problems overall. The blue wavelength they emit tricks our brains into thinking it’s daytime, disabling our natural circadian rhythms.

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