Ingredient spotlight: Mango Butter

Ingredient spotlight: Mango Butter

Today, everyone is familiar with mangoes. The colorful tropical fruit is a favorite for snacking and smoothies, but outside of the kitchen, mangoes have additional benefits, including for your skin.

What is mango butter?

Mango butter is a rich cream similar to cocoa butter and is made from the kernel of the mango fruit (scientific name Mangifera indica). Unfortunately, this means it doesn’t smell or taste like the delicious mangoes you know and love, and though mangoes themselves make a great snack, mango butter should not be eaten.

While it’s possible to make mango butter at home, the preparation process is best left to manufacturers with the right equipment. The best properties of mango butter come from the oil, which can only be extracted from the kernel through a hydraulic cold press. We source ours from a small farm in the western region of India, in a state called Maharashtra. India is home to over 1,000 commercial varieties of mangoes, and more that are heritage species.

Mango Butter Benefits

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Mango Butter Benefits

Once the mango butter has been extracted, it has some great skin benefits. The power of mango butter comes from its rich fatty acids that provide an intense source of hydration. In addition, studies

have also shown that mango butter assists in wound care and helps in the healing of dry and cracked skin through its ability to soften and smooth.

Mango butter also contains both Vitamin E, A, and C. Vitamin A smooths skin and protects it from UV rays. Vitamin E prevents moisture from being lost. All the vitamins also act as antioxidants, which alongside the fatty acids work to promote healing and prevent infections. These factors make it perfect for a lip balm in helping out those chapped lips.

Mango butter benefits for skin

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Mango Butter for Hair and Skin

Although we use mango butter in our Nourishing Lip Balm, there are other uses as well—mango butter can also be applied on the skin or in the hair as a topical treatment. Because of those vitamins, mango butter helps protect skin from becoming dried out in the cold or being damaged by the sun. The moisture reduces the appearance of fine lines and makes skin more supple. It even manages to do all this while being gentle and without having a greasy texture.

Mango Butter & Poéthique Products

In hair mango butter is a treat for your scalp, soothing damaged follicles and prevents moisture from escaping, so it’s especially good for those with dry and damaged hair gained from too much heat or hair dye. The same qualities of mango butter that help heal damaged skin also promotes the growth of stronger, healthier hair.

Now, when you see mangoes in the grocery store you’ll have a whole new perspective on what this delicious fruit can add to your skincare routine. Mango butter shows that some of the best ingredients come from unexpected (and even ordinary) places.

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