Minimalist Skincare Routine: Where Less Is More

Minimalist Skincare Routine: Where Less Is More

Are you intimidated by a pile of skin care products forming a mountain in your bathroom? It may be time to embrace a minimalist philosophy when it comes to your beauty routine. A routine that embraces the principles of quality over quantity in both, the number of products as well as their ingredients. It’s also a concept that matches well with the principles of clean, natural skin care, where products are made from fewer, better ingredients sourced naturally instead of a basket of artificial ones.

Minimalism is not just popular in terms of skin care. Thanks to figures like Marie Kondo, minimalism is encompassing all aspects of life. There are a few different reasons for this, one of which is an increase in global awareness, particularly in environmental issues like pollution and poverty.

People are also under a heavier debt burden than in the past, thus more conscious of what they spend their money on. Investing into better products is better for wallets and the environment.

Minimalism also puts focus on what’s important. In terms of skin care specifically, that means the products that are truly the most beneficial for your skin. And hey, it’s trendy!

Basic Skincare routine: Create a foundation.

Starting with a solid foundation is the key to minimalist skincare. Your most basic skin care items—moisturizer and cleanser—are the base from which the rest of your routine builds up from. Just like any structure, the foundation is the most important part. A simpler routine is also one that’s more low-maintenance and easier to manage on the day-to-day.

The first block of your skin care foundation is a cleanser. Some people choose to use a specific makeup remover, but many cleansers like our Deeply Cleansing Milk removes makeup alongside dirt and oil and with ingredients like neem oil (anti-inflammatory agent) is also great for sensitive skin. You can read more about how our milk cleanser’s emollient properties break down and clear away all kinds of nasties in our post here.

Having a natural product that does well more than just one thing is exactly what you’re looking for in a minimalist routine. However, for days with heavy makeup, micellar water and organic cotton pads make for a solid clean, minimalist staple. Make sure to clean in the night and the morning, as well.

The second foundational piece is moisturizer. As we’ve mentioned before, you definitely don’t have to use the same moisturizer throughout the year. If you prefer to have just a single trusted one, there are plenty of clean, middle-of-the-road products out in the market that will work throughout any season. Like cleansing, you should never skip moisturizing, either in the day or night.

Serums for every skin-type.

The next step depends on your skin type and what you know works or does not work for your skin. Everyone’s is different, so keep that in mind.

Serums are usually highly-concentrated products that go on after cleansing and are formulated to target a specific skin care issue. These are your anti-aging Vitamin C serums, your dark-spot brighteners, antioxidant serums, your redness-reducers. Of course, not everyone has fine lines or dark spots, which is why you have to consider your skin’s individual personality.

Some serums, like our Radiance Boosting Face Serum, are more generally formulated with natural chemical exfoliating ingredients, like Caviar Limes. Caviar Limes contains high concentration of natural AHAs, to help brighten the skin. AHAs help loosen up dull upper skin layers to reveal the fresher, newer and brighter skin beneath. Others products, like our Facial Recovery Elixir face oil, are specifically targeted to repair damaged skin, pigmentation or texture issues.

Because of their potent concentrations, we recommend to limit the amount of serums you use to just one or two as needed. Even for a non-minimalist routine. Research the active ingredients in each, as well, because you don’t want to use one product that won’t play well with another. That’s why using products from the same skin care line is often a good call.

Less ingredients, better ingredients.

Minimalism isn’t just in the number of products you use, but what goes into those products themselves. At Poéthique, we are big proponents of a less-is-more approach. We believe that creating products with fewer, high-quality natural ingredients beats synthetic substitutes and complicated formulations.

A simple formulation is typically cleaner and functional. Mainly because it drops unnecessary additives that are often packed into products to make them prettier, smell better, or foaming.

Focus on using products that emphasize using quality ingredients, especially ones sourced sustainably. While these products may come at a higher price point, it’s totally worth the investment because it’s not just for your skin, but for the environment too.

There are definitely more products you could add to a natural skincare routine and still keep in minimal. For acne prone and oily skin, get an alcohol-free toner to put on directly after cleansing.

If you have dark circles or eye-puffiness, choose an eye cream that goes on after serums. But in the daytime, everyone should finish off their routine with a natural sunscreen of at least spf 30. Yes, must protect your skin even if it’s not that sunny.

Finally, if something in your routine is giving you trouble, then it’s a lot easier to sort out the problem when you’re using five products instead of ten. And as an added bonus, it’ll make your bathroom counter look a lot nicer, too.

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