My 6 Summer Skincare Do’s and Don’ts for Younger Skin

As we plan for our summer fun, it’s also important to plan our revised skincare regimen for warmer weather. This is especially true if your skin is prone to changing from season to season, becomes excessively oily, develops acne, or if it’s extra sun-sensitive. Here are my 6 easy Do’s and Don’ts for young, glowing, summer skin!


1- Lighten Up.

And by that, I mean on creamy cleansers, rich body creams, and heavy foundation. Heavy creams contain lipids that can cause clogged pores and pimples in more humid weather. So, swap out creamy cleansers for gel-based products. If you have oily skin, choose a foaming cleanser. Switch out body butters and heavy creams for lightweight lotions. If you need to cover up, use a BB or mineral powder foundation as needed, so you don’t clog your pores with a heavy liquid foundation.

2- Apply Sunscreen.

Not only can sunscreen prevent skin cancer, but it can also prevent painful sunburns and sun spots. So, if you’re planning on summer fun in the sun, stock up on broad spectrum SPF (at least 30!). Be sure to apply an amount that equals to about a shot glass-worth of product over all of your skin. And if you’re wearing makeup, apply it after your serum or moisturizer and before your cover-up. And don’t forget to re-apply it every 2 hours!

3- Protect Your Pucker.

Not protecting the delicate skin on your lips from sun damage, is a commonly-made mistake. Opt for lip balms with shea butter or beeswax with SPF between 15 and 30, instead of shiny glosses. The shinier the gloss, the more UV rays it will attract.

4- Mist Your Face.

Use a nutrient-rich facial mist to cool off, soothe and hydrate your skin 3 times a day, especially during prolonged outdoors activities such as hiking or the beach. A lot of brands make travel-sized ones which are perfect on-the-go.

5- Prevent and Treat Sun Spots.

We are more likely to get brown spots on our foreheads, cheeks or upper lips, during the hotter months. By blocking the harmful UVA/ UVB rays from reaching your skin with an even application of sunscreen, you can combat the uneven melanin production which results in dark spots. However, if sun spots do occur, products that contain Niacinamide or Hexlyresorcinol have been proven to work on areas of hyperpigmentation.

6- Drink Lots of Water.

This one can seem like a no-brainer but drinking the appropriate amount of water daily is essential for a healthy complexion. How much is enough? The recommended amount is 64 oz., which can seem like a lot, but your skin will thank you for your efforts in return!


1- Completely Switch up your Routine.

It is not necessary to completely forego your cold weather routine once summer arrives. Especially, if your skin is normal and resilient. In the summer months, it is best to lighten and simplify your skincare regimen. If you do need to introduce new products into your routine, it is best to do so one at a time as introducing multiple new products at once can trigger a negative skin reaction.

2- Take Hot Showers.

Showers can be dehydrating for your skin. Especially, after prolonged sun exposure. It’s important to dial down the temperature and remember to not exceed 2 showers a day. A here’s a quick tip to ensure your skin is rehydrated post shower: apply your body lotion while skin is still damp, as it is more quickly and efficiently absorbed.

3- Use Retinoids During the Day.

The use of retinoids causes photosensitivity due to the way it works on the skin. It boosts cell turnover and eliminates dull skin in order to reduce the signs of aging. But, if these new skin cells are left unprotected, they can easily burn. While retinoids can still be used during the summer, they should be limited to use during your night time routine.

4- Excessively Exfoliate.

It is definitely important to exfoliate during the summer as dead skin mixed with sweat and sebum will clog your pores. But, as you slough off the top layer of your skin to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion, you can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Make sure to exfoliate only once or twice a week and with a fruit enzyme instead of crushed nuts.

5- Scratch your Bug Bites.

As tempting as it is, scratching your bug bites is a major no-no! It only distributes the mosquito’s saliva which increases the histamine response. Furthermore, scratching it can lead to infection if you accidentally break the skin. So, instead, use something soothing like a cornstarch paste, aloe gel or a hydrocortisone cream to calm the itching sensation.

6- Overstimulate your Skin.

A massage can have great benefits such as reducing stress, improving elasticity and providing a beautiful glow, but overstimulating the skin in the summer can also irritate sensitive skin and worsen acne, psoriasis or eczema. It’s also important to remember not to touch or rub your skin while your hands are not clean, as you risk the spread of germs and bacteria.

I hope you find these tips helpful.

Have a happy and safe summer!

Thalita Angela Instagram: @styledictatornw

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