Our Top Summer Skin Tips

Our Top Summer Skin Tips

Now that we can say for sure summer is well and truly here, it’s officially time to transition to your summer skin care routine. How do you build the perfect summer routine? Here’s how.

Moisture is your best friend 

Along with summer comes warmer weather. While we’re rejoiced to peel off some of our layers, this also means an increase in sweat.

Admittedly, sweat is kind of gross, and we as a culture like to pretend it doesn’t happen. But it’s also an entirely natural process that is our bodies’ very own way of cooling us down when we begin to get overheated.

The more you sweat, the more important it is to stay properly hydrated (sweat is, after all, mostly water). Summer is the season where it’s more important than ever to drink the recommended two liters of water daily. If you’re taking advantage of the weather for some outdoor exercise like biking, walking, or chasing the little ones around the playground, it’s important to drink even more than that, too.

Dehydration can sneak up on you quickly; not only can it cause some serious health problems like heat stroke, but even minor dehydration can leave your skin looking duller. If you want to learn more, check out our recent post on the details of hydration. Face mists are also a great help, as they help refresh and hydrate the skin.

If you and hot weather do not get along at all, you may be one of the people at greater risk for heat-based inflammation. Our beauty editor is often plagued with heat rashes, a condition where sweat-clogged pores causes painful, red bumps.

Alleviate conditions such as this with soothing balms like aloe vera and cold showers. Cold showers, on top of being better for your body, help reduce inflammation in the same way cold compresses do when you get an injury.

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On top of just drinking water, the best summer skin care routines adjust how you’re moisturizing as well. As humidity levels rise, our skin absorbs more water from the surrounding air. This means you can swap out your heavier winter moisturizer for a lighter one, or use moisturizing foundations like tinted BB creams.

However, watch the AC. Air Conditioners can be very drying for the skin. As we all will be spending more time inside this summer because of social distancing, you may want to moisturize more frequently to counteract your AC’s effect on your skin.

If you’re particularly sensitive to dry air, but can’t go without your AC, we also recommend investing in a humidifier. A cool-mist humidifier has a lot of benefits over a warm one. First, they’re safer for children, and won’t make your house warmer than it already is.

Second, they’re a lot easier to clean and more hygienic. Warm-mist promotes bacteria growth, so a cool-mist one also needs to be cleaned less often.

Getting the summer glow 

If you’re anything like us, then you believe summer is also the best time to break out your sparkliest highlighter and favorite beauty products. But there are also ways to get that healthy summer glow with your skin care routine. Face serums like our Radiance Boosting Face Serum build up your skin’s natural glow over time. Follow up with your light moisturizer as recommended above.

The other obvious way to get a summer glow is to spend more time in the sun. Sunbathing is definitely relaxing, but it can unfortunately be tough on your skin and increase your risk of skin cancer.

This is why everywhere you go, SPF should be a staple of your summer skin care routine. Even if there are clouds, UV rays can shine through and damage unprotected skin. Natural, mineral-based sun protection is the way to go. Look out for a post from us dedicated to natural sunscreen coming soon.

Additionally, avoiding aerosols is also important. While convenient, especially for the sandy beach, it’s too easy to breath in components on the sun protection, which won’t help protect you from UV rays.

Another way to help your summer complexion is by cleansing properly. In the summer months, you might find yourself in need of washing your face more often than in other seasons, especially since you apply sunscreen more often.

Potential skin stressors like dirt, dust, sand, and salt that can get on your skin from more outdoors time should be gently cleansed away as soon as you get home. They clog pores and leave your skin dryer and duller, especially salt from the ocean. A milk cleanser like our Deeply Cleansing Milk is an emollient that gently breaks down dirt to remove it.

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What to avoid

There are always some do’s and don’ts when it comes to any skincare routine. As we’ve already mentioned in previous skin care tips, chemical sunscreens should be OUT, but wearing SPF is always in.

In addition, using retinoids during the day when you may come in contact with the sun should definitely be avoided. While helpful in reducing signs of aging like fine lines and age spots (which themselves are often caused by sun exposure) by helping cell turnover and making skin appear brighter, they also increase your skin’s photosensitivity. This means making something that can already damage your skin even more powerful.

If your skin does get sun damage, be sure to avoid irritating it further. Treat sunburns with moisturizers and cooling gels like aloe. When it comes to aloe vera, be sure to check the ingredient list. Many aloe products don’t actually contain that much aloe.

For the best results, it’s actually just best to buy an aloe plant yourself! They’re very common houseplants and as long as you can find a spot with decent sun, will survive indoors all year long just about everywhere. Their leaves can be used to make your own soothing gel. Then, cover your burn up.

Just like water, shade is your best friend in the summer. Light summer cover ups are your best friend, as are beach umbrellas and hats.

We also love floppy hats that cover not just the vulnerable top of your head, but also your neck and face. Or, rock a dad hat! They’re back in style at the perfect moment.

Finally, when putting makeup on top of your skin care, a heavy hand could be bad news for your pores. Use non-comedogenic makeup (which means they don’t clog pores). Plus, if you’re sweating a lot, that makeup just might slide off anyways.

Did you learn anything new in this post? Find us on social media and tell us what part of summer you’re looking forward to the most!

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