Resetting Your Mind and Skin Care Routine

Resetting Your Mind and Skin Care Routine

Now that we’re officially beginning a new season, we get the perfect opportunity to refresh our mind and home. And of course, also to switch to a fall skincare routine to finish the year off strong.

Fall Season

Re-framing Your Mind

Going into the last few months of the year with the right mindset may help you accomplish some of your goals. Your mind is a powerful force, and we tend to internalize things we shouldn’t – far too often. This is why consciously trying to give your head a reset can be immensely beneficial for your motivation and happiness.

Practicing mindfulness is one way to help out your reset. As a subset of meditation, mindfulness has even been the subject of many different research papers

. These papers and studies have shown some of the benefits to be: improved emotional regulation, decreased reactivity, and increased reaction flexibility.

Essentially, people who practice mindfulness have an easier time processing emotions and are more flexible when it comes to negativity. In addition, mindfulness can also positively affect how we interact with others in its promotion of empathy and compassionate thinking.

Mindfulness is also extremely easy to integrate into your life, right from home!. Check out this short list of one minute mindfulness exercises, which include both breathing and tactile options.

Mindfulness Sign

Resetting Your Skin Care Routine

When the summer began, we posted about how to change your skin care regimen for the warm weather. Now, it’s time to swap things around again.

Let’s start with washing your face. Switching to a gentle cleanser is the first step. This will help your skin not to get stripped from it’s natural oils. If you have dry skin this is an absolute must. You can continue using micellar water if you wish, but swapping to a more gentle cleanser will help in protecting your skin against dryness – even if you have oily skin.

Right after cleansing, is the perfect time to apply your serum. This is when your skin is clean and ready to absorb nutrients. If aging is one of your skin concerns, antioxidant serums have an anti aging effect as they help the skin fight free radicals. Our favorite – the Radiance Boosting Serum – is packed with antioxidants and boosts skin renewal, giving you a natural, healthy glow all year round. This helps getting rid of dead skin cells and dull skin.

When the weather starts to turn chilly, face oils and creams are king. Break out your heavier moisturizer and favorite thick body butter! With colder temperatures also comes drier air, which naturally means your skin will dry out faster and risks getting chapped and damaged.

Moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid and/or ceramides are a great choice, because these fatty acids are already occur naturally in the skin, but may need some extra help replenishing and retaining moisture this time of year.

Have dark circles? Incorporating a sleeping mask to your routine can absolutely help. Apply eye cream with a gentle tap of your ring finger to help drain and increase circulation around your eyes.

Last but not least: apply sunscreen. Keep using your spf 30 all year round, as we get continually exposed to UV rays regardless of the season. Some moisturizers already have SPF incorporated so you don’t have to add one more step to your skin care routine!

To truly reset your skin, consider treating yourself to a professional facial – this will give your skin a final boost to make it through the year. However, in general it’s also a good idea to swap to gentler skin care products. Use clay or sheet masks instead of heavy exfoliators, this will help reduce beating your skin takes in the cold. If your skin does get damaged, our Facial Recovery Elixir can help.

Finally, depending on how sensitive your skin is to temperature changes, consider investing in a humidifier. This will prevent the air inside your home from getting too dry, allowing more moisture to help nourish your skin. If you don’t need a full-on humidifier, steam your face using hot water and a towel three times a week for around ten minutes.

Meditating at a serene mountain lake

As always, play around a bit and find out what works best for you and your skin. And while not a substitution for therapy, a home mindfulness practice may help you refocus your thoughts after summer. The next step is to mindfully switch over your skin care routine and enjoy the season!

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