Skin Care like a Billionaire

Skin Care like a Billionaire

Recently, Kylie Jenner covered Forbes magazine as the youngest ever billionaire, all because of her beauty empire, kicked off by Kylie’s Lip Kits. While our team is not yet close to being on that Forbes list, we can certainly help you with tips, so you look like you should be on it! Elevate your self-care routine with a few simple hacks, and watch as your skin begins to emanate that billionaire glow.

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1 – Make sure you have the right products on hand.

Any self-made billionaire would say that they had to find the right tools to get their empires started. Borrow that philosophy into your skin care routine and find the right products for YOU. Start with assessing what works for your skin. Is it oily, reactive to that time of month, acne prone? Draw up a key list of products you need for your daily routine. A gentle cleanser and a facial oil to enhance your skin’s natural health are a good start. Add a couple of weekly or monthly enhancements like a good detoxifying mask, or brightening peel.

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2 – Use high quality ingredients.

This is the most important of all the tips. Our bodies feel better, when we nourish them with healthy ingredients, meaning more kale and fewer donuts. Follow the same principle for the face. Look for ingredients that have proven skin benefits, have been sourced for maximum potency, and ditch the ones that are just fillers. You can get away with using fewer products if they all have high quality ingredients.

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3 – Use simple methods to elevate your skin care routine.

Sometimes, simple enhancements help make skin care feel like a beautifying ritual instead of a daily chore. For example, try using a warm moist towel to gently wipe off traces of cleanser, instead of splashing water to rinse off. Or use the second knuckles of your fingers on both hands to gently massage serums and oils into your face.

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4 – Protect, protect, protect your best asset.

Sun damage to facial skin manifests in age spots, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Use a good SPF (we love mineral based ones) when stepping out and prevent long term damage to the skin. Use brightening serums to help reduce the color of age spots and pigmented areas.

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5 – Minimal make-up.

With glowing skin as your canvas, you really won’t need a lot of makeup. As one of our frequent Facial Recovery Elixir users says, “I used a ton of make-up to hide the red patches on my skin. But with your elixir, the patches have disappeared. I feel so much more confident in my natural skin and use far less make-up.”


6 – Being thankful

Adding some mindfulness to your skincare routine can bring out an inner glow that makes your skin radiant. As you go through the steps of your routine, thank your skin for being your body’s first line of defense, thank your face for helping you express joy, wonder, sadness, empathy, and thank your whole body for always being there for you. With that gratitude comes an inner glow that even a billionaire might be envious of!

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