Social Distance Grooming: How to Shape your Eyebrows

Social Distance Grooming: How to Shape your Eyebrows

One thing about social distancing during this Coronavirus pandemic makes us realize that we’re pretty spoiled when it comes to grooming. You could be really feeling this if you’re the kind of person who regularly gets their hair, nails, or eyebrows done. With professional eyebrow shaping services closed for the time being, you might find that things have grown wild, unruly, and even unsightly without upkeep. Fortunately, there are at-home options for all three!

Let them grow 

Your first option is to do nothing at all. Yes, really! While you’re social distancing, there’s no pressure to be seen by anyone or look a certain way. This is the perfect opportunity to let your body ease back into its natural state. It also gives your body a break. Despite how good getting our hair and nails done looks, these treatments can be harsh on the very things they’re styling.  Not doing anything and only doing light repair maintenance allows your nails and hair especially to recover.

However, this option is not going to be to everyone’s tune, and you may still encounter troubles like split ends and outgrown gels manicures. This post would also be incredibly short if this were our only advice! We’ll be beginning with brows this week, and continuing with hair and nails in the weeks to come.

The frame of the face

Eyebrow shaping can be some of the most specialized beauty care out there, especially if you’re getting your eyebrows microbladed (a technique where people with sparse brows get semi-permanent pigment added to their brows, like eyebrow tattoo) or threaded. Fortunately, microblading eyebrows lasts up to 18 months, but your brow hairs naturally grow back faster if you have them professionally plucked, styled, and threaded.

Brows are also one of our most noticeable facial features. Well-styled brows frame the face and poorly styled brows are extremely noticeable. That’s why so many people leave shaping them to the brow artists!

On this front, we got some advice from our friend Rosie at Joy Skin Atelier—

woman with perfectly shaped eyebrows

When in doubt, let them be.

Yes, we thought we would revisit this point one more time. Consider this your official permission to embrace your bushy brows, your teeny-tiny brows, and whatever other natural state they may come in. You may even find you like your natural shape more than a highly stylized one!

Alternatively, this completely erases the potential for you to make an oopsie and create an unfortunate brow situation for all your coworkers to see via Zoom.

Brow shape

Proper brow shape begins at the bridge of your nose—if you run the tips of your index fingers up the side of your nose, this is where your bones begin to curve outward.

A classic mistake people make when shaping their brows at-home is that they make them too short. The ideal length is for them to end at the crease of the outside of the eye. This way, your eyes will be perfectly framed and be given the perfect amount of pop.

The ideal spot for your arch is for it to start in line with the middle of your pupil. However, many times your natural arch will fall just after this point. If this is the case for you, we recommend not trying to reshape your arch by yourself.

Instead, shape you brow by gently combing with a spoolie brush and applying a brow pencil or brow gel to fill in any gaps. If they’re on the wild side, apply a clear gel over top to set everything. The great thing about your brows is that even if you’re not wearing any other makeup, if you have your brows done, you instantly look more put together.

eyebrow tweezers

Tweezing your eyebrows the right way 

The easiest way to take care of your brows at home is with tweezers. However, this also happens to be one of the least optimal ways to trim them. Bad tweezers can be very irritating to the skin and difficult to use correctly. Here’s our advice on how to use them.

If you’re going to trim your brows, brush and trim them before you pluck. Brush up towards your brow bone and cut what falls above. However, you should only do this if you have a pair of specific eyebrow trimmers. DO NOT use normal scissors to cut your eyebrows.

To pluck them, invest in a high-quality pair. Slanted tweezers tend to provide the best results. Then, it’s important to sanitize your tweezers with rubbing alcohol or something similar before your use them. Rogue tweezers loose in your medicine cabinet could have bacteria on them that can cause you to break out.

When it comes to plucking technique, always pull out and away from the center of your face. The goal is to cause the least amount of trauma to your hair follicles as possible. Try not to pluck too close to the skin, as you can easily catch yourself and cause a spot that bacteria can enter. For optimal shaping, we recommend only plucking what is above your brow bone or any hairs that are drastically out of shape.

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