Sustainable Beauty: Our Skin Care Products Development Process

Sustainable Beauty: Our Skin Care Products Development Process

We often talk about the importance of transparency in the world of clean, sustainable skincare. This is a value that here at Poéthique, we take to heart. This is why today we’re doing a whole post dedicated solely to our sustainable product development process.

Natural ingredients sourced from farm

Where the Process Begins

When researching and developing new products, the first consideration is what benefit we want to bring to our customers. Whether that is hydration or increasing skin radiance, after the defining the benefits, the search begins. In the process of finding new ingredients, we often draw inspiration from places we’ve traveled. Destinations like India or Australia, where our head of product first discovered the caviar limes for our Radiance Boosting Serum formula.

Next, we make sure that the plant isn’t on any endangered species list. Naturally from there we begin to experiment with different product formulations and create samples. We test over and over again to make sure the final result is simply perfect. We take pride in creating effective clean skin care products made with all natural ingredients, cruelty free and vegan.

Sustainable Crop Techniques

Sustainable Sourcing

Once we decide what ingredients to use, the next step is finding where to source the raw materials. It’s not enough to use all plant-based, organic ingredients if they’re not being harvested with a sustainable process.

We first look for suppliers in the region where the ingredient naturally grows, keeping in mind the carbon footprint. In some cases, it can be difficult to find suppliers with a consistent quality. Over the years we’ve learned to branch out and build relationships in order to find reliable producers. Finding suppliers not only in the beauty and personal care sector, but also agriculture or even the food industry.


We also have standards for our suppliers. We source from farms that engage in eco friendly, sustainable farming practices. Among these practices we can mention no synthetic or chemical fertilizers or pesticides, crop rotation and polyculture.

We check that they are not on any cleared land or encroaching on protected land. This can be hard to validate, but is really important for ingredients derived from palm oil or sourced near the Amazon.


With all suppliers and ingredients, we conduct secondary research to start. We also visit as many suppliers in person as we can, which as a small company, is admittedly a huge effort. For those we cannot see in person, we obtain photos from.

For consumers, not a lot of regulating organizations exist for beauty products. For the past three years we’ve partnered with Fairwild, an organization that guides standards for wild harvested ingredients. Unfortunately, it is up to consumers to do their own independent research and up to companies to voluntarily disclose their practices.

Nowadays, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the impact their choices have on the environment and also on themselves. As customers change their beauty routines to include more clean and sustainable cosmetic products, big retailers expand their clean beauty selections. This puts more pressure on beauty brands to be more transparent on their sourcing process and sustainability practices.

Finished Product

Once product research and development phase is done, we shift our focus to our packaging sourcing and practices. Sourcing recycled paper, recyclable plastic and leveraging glass containers as much as possible is also part of our continuous sustainability process.

To close the loop, once you’re done with your products, please be gentle with Mother Earth and recycle. Learn more about how to recycle your beauty products – and why this matters.

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