Tapping into Inner Beauty with Gratitude

Tapping into Inner Beauty with Gratitude

The concept of being beautiful at every age is not something limited only to physical beauty. In fact, beauty has a lot more to do with what’s inside than what’s outside. And we’ve come to realize over the years that a big part of inner beauty is gratitude. When one taps into a spirit of gratitude, it leads them to inner beauty that is far greater than anything on the outside. Here at Poethique, that means starting by being grateful for the past year and looking forward to the next.

The holiday season in the United States, starting at Thanksgiving and continuing through to the first week of the year is chaotic for many of us. Not only do we try to cram a lot of work into the last six weeks of the year, we also find ourselves running around, keeping up with all the holiday parties and finding quality time to spend with family and friends. It’s easy to get so caught up in the busy-ness of the holidays that we find ourselves unusually tired at a time of year that is supposed to be joyous.

Sometimes that exhaustion and inner misery can be a result of a lack of gratitude. We want to do more, and that constant striving can lead us to fail to appreciate what we already have. Yet it is possible to be grateful for everything that has occurred in the past 12 months and then tap into that gratitude to make for a better new year.

Blessings and Life Lessons

Being grateful for the last 12 months starts with how we view what we have experienced. For purposes of expressing gratitude, we like to divide all the experiences of the past year, into one of two categories: blessings and life lessons.

All the positives are true blessings. Some of the negatives are as well. At any rate, the world never guarantees that life will be all sunshine and roses. So every time a smile came across our faces or we had the opportunity to experience something positive in 2018 we count it as a blessing.

As for those negative experiences, they are all learning experiences. That in itself is a blessing. So rather than look back with unhappiness, regrets, and discouragement, wouldn’t it be better to figure out how we can learn from those things and then do so? Learning from negative experiences turns them into something we can be grateful for.

Gratefully Embracing the New Year

Counting the blessings and life lessons of 2018 is a good thing to do, but it only has limited value if we do not carry those things into 2019. This is another big part of being grateful. We are grateful for blessings and life lessons to the extent that we will use them to shape the weeks and months ahead.

From those blessings and life lessons we can create a vision for what we want 2019 to look like. From that vision we can also create goals and plans. What does this have to do with gratitude? A lot, actually.

Having a vision buttressed by goals and plans gives us something to shoot for. And as we strive to reach those goals and fulfill those plans, we can look back and see just how far we have come. That is additional motivation to gratitude. But there’s more. Every goal reached and plan realized builds more gratitude – for the blessings and life lessons of the past, as well as the opportunities of the future.

We encourage you to choose gratitude as a motivator in your life. Be grateful for all you experienced in 2018, use those experiences to move forward in 2019, and be grateful for everything that comes your way. Your inner beauty will shine like never before.

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