The Journey Begins…

The Journey Begins...

Welcome to Poéthique! We are so excited to share our story with you. And beginning November, we will be able to share our products with you as well.

As founder of Poéthique (a stylized way of saying peau ethique or ethical skin), I thought I might use the first post on our site and FB page to share why I started this company and where we hope to take it with your support.

Poéthique is the culmination of two great passions – travel and skincare. My friends joke that I have wheels on my feet, while my husband patiently endures my ever-growing collection of skincare products, taking over our bathroom. It was only natural that these two passions would eventually come together.

And what brought them together was a love that changed my life forever – my greatest loves, two amazing little girls.

The birth of my children and the first years of motherhood  triggered an introspective phase in my life. I questioned a lot. From everyday little things like, “What am I feeding my kids? What am I putting on their skins? Is it non-toxic? Is it safe? Is it natural?” To larger questions like, “What can I do to improve how we treat our planet? Will a stellar corporate career really leave me satisfied with the impact I’ve had? I have but this one life – what can I do to make a positive impact while working with something I am absolutely passionate about?” And so, a tiny seed was planted.

Having had the good fortune to travel widely to diverse regions and immerse in the local cultures, I realized that there was a vast and untapped store of local knowledge on natural ingredients. Each region had their own beauty rituals based on local, natural ingredients, accumulated and refined by generations of women. I started to call this treasure trove of knowledge, beauty wisdom.

Yet, for the diversity in rituals and ingredients, two things remained in common everywhere. The first was that not one culture called for chemicals to be slathered on skin. And the second was that while the natural ingredients and beauty rituals might differ by culture and country, women everywhere wanted balanced and radiant skin.

With this in mind, Poéthique started to take form. This would be a company that provided potent but luxurious products, uniquely formulated with 100% plant-derived ingredients. Natural ingredients sourced from the accumulated beauty wisdom of women all around the world, that came from everywhere – from deep within the Australian rainforests to the heart of India, from Californian valleys to lush Mediterranean meadows. Products that would be effective at resolving skin problems at their root, yet safe, non-toxic and gentle, resulting in balanced and radiant skin.

Over the next few years, it is our goal to create amazing products, formulated with unique, interesting and effective ingredients so that we can share beauty wisdom from all over the world with you. Together, we can add our knowledge to this wisdom and keep it growing and evolving for future generations of women.

Our blog will update on a regular basis with thought pieces on green beauty, various ingredients, diverse cultural beauty rituals, interviews with influencers and other countless sources of inspiration! And of course, we would love to hear from you as well, whether through our FB page or our Instagram account: Poéthique, or if you’d prefer a private note, through our email:

Yours in amazing skincare,

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