Top 4 Best Summer Skin Care Tips: Face Oils, Hydration & More – by Keneisha McLean

Top 4 Best Summer Skin Care Tips: Face Oils, Hydration & More - by Keneisha McLean

It’s official. Summer is here. Out with the cold and in with the heat. Since there is a change in season this doesn’t mean you should neglect your current skin care routine. The only thing that you may need to switch or adjust are the products that you currently use; in order to transition into the new season. Your routine should be the same: cleanse, exfoliate (1-2x per week), hydrate and protect. UVA/UVB rays are more damaging during the summer especially when exposure levels are optimum. The days are shorter or perhaps longer wherever you are, regardless this means plenty of time spent having fun in the sun. As a result, you will need to show more love to your skin with your skincare routine and the products used. Here are a few things to continuing incorporating in your routine to keep your skin healthy looking during the summer.

Skin Oil

Face Oils Are Your Friend

I know it seems counterproductive because the heat makes you sweat and essentially brings oil to the surface of your skin, but you still shouldn’t leave face oils out of your skincare step. We all want that summer glow and the more moisture introduced, the better it is for your skin. It’s important to know that sweat and oil production are two different things. Sweat naturally comes from our sweat glands whereas oils (sebum) come from our sebaceous glands. One is water mixed with natural salts and the other is oily and waxier to the touch. Indeed, the warmer temperatures induces sebum production in those T-zone area, but this is the best time to introduce face oils. This helps to reduce the oil production throughout your day because your skin is well hydrated. Your skin produces excess oil production under the circumstance that it is not well hydrated, so it produced oils to lubricate it.

Hydration is Key

Hydration is key

There’s nothing better than being able to cool down on a hot summer day while boosting hydration. What better way to do this than investing in a hydrating mist. It’s great to use throughout day not only to cool you down, it refreshes, boost moisture, tone and balance pH levels in your skin. These mists usually contain ingredients such as rose water, coconut water, essential oils and antioxidants to soothe, heal and protect your skin. Apart from using hydration mists, it’s highly recommended that you “feed your skin” too by “eating your water”. This means loading up on fruits and vegetable high in water content such as strawberries, kiwi, cucumber watermelon, cantaloupe, and lettuce to name a few.

Skin Exfoliation


This should be done all year round and per seasonal change. Exfoliation is key to eliminating dead skin. It helps to minimize signs of fine lines and wrinkles along with blackheads while increasing blood circulation, cell turn over to reveal a smoother, healthier looking skin. A step that should be incorporated 1-2 times per week.

Sunscreen SPF

Invest in SPF

Always protect your skin from sun exposure. The heat can be drying to your skin and being outdoors without sun protection can be damaging to the skin if being exposed for an extended time period. Wearing sunscreen protects you from developing skin cancer, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging. It’s recommended to use an SPF of 30 to 50. This includes using foundations, and face creams infused with SPF along with investing in a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen body lotion or spray. The non-nano zinc oxide sunscreens provide better UVA and UVB protection. It is generally safer because it doesn’t penetrate the skin due to its larger particle properties. Don’t forget your lip too. There are safer non-toxic lip balms that have SPF in them. These are a great investment because it helps to moisturize and protect.

Maintaining your summer glow is not so hard after all. Just keep it simple by staying on course with your regular skincare steps and incorporating protection is the key strategy for healthy looking skin all year round.

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