Why Honor Our Skin?

Why Honor Our Skin?

Here at our offices in suburban Boston, when we formulate our products, we often discuss the importance of doing right by our skin. Every ingredient is evaluated against several key parameters that have to do with effectiveness, safety, sustainability and sourcing among others. Of these, the two we start with are:

– effectiveness, meaning does this ingredient have a beneficial impact on skin health and well-being, when used under normal conditions?

– safety, i.e. is the ingredient safe to be used on skin? What scientific studies exist that demonstrate the impact of this ingredient on overall body function?

Why do we start here?

To understand this, we first delve into an understanding of our skin and its functions. Biologically, our skin is an organ. In fact, it is the largest organ in the body and performs several vital functions. It helps regulate our body temperature, cooling down by dissipating heat via sweating. It protects our internal organs by acting as a barrier against the outside world, and minimizes blood loss by healing when we get minor cuts and scrapes. Skin cells use sunlight to manufacture vitamin D, which is vitally important for our health.

Skin also helps us perceive the world around us through touch – we sense heat, cold and pain through nerve endings in skin that are in constant communication with our brain.

But skin helps us go beyond the physical world and is a conduit for communicating and receiving emotions as well. Imagine the gentle caress of a child’s fingers on your cheek. Or the brush of a loved one’s lips against our own. The rough, callused hand of a grandparent can communicate as much love as an award-winning poem. Our skin also shows our mind-body connection. Embassarment causes us to blush and stress can aggravate skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Now we begin to see that our skin is delicate and yet, so very strong. It works hard to keep us healthy and connected to the world around us. In return, we need to nourish our skin, and indeed, honor our skin, so that it can stay healthy and strong and be at its amazing best.

How do we honor our skin?

To honor this amazing skin and keep it nourished in a balanced and mindful manner, we have formulated products with natural ingredients that are 100% plant-based. Similar to the idea that we are what we eat, Poéthique believes that our skin is as balanced as the products we put on it.

To find these natural ingredients, we have looked to the beauty wisdom of generations of women, from across the globe. From the rainforests of Australia to the heart of India, from lush Mediterranean groves to California’s green valleys, we have looked for deep-rooted knowledge on effective natural ingredients.

We combine our knowledge of beauty rituals and secrets from all over the world with sustainably sourced and then blend them in unique ways to create our products. In doing so, we aim to honor our skin through the collective wisdom of women.

Additional reading material on our amazing skin

This Harvard Medical School publication discusses the mind-skin connection in greater detail.


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