Why Poéthique, why a feather?

Why Poéthique, why a feather?
Poéthique was founded with the idea that ethical intent and behavior would be the core DNA of the company.

At the very micro level, we would honor our skin by applying only the finest natural ingredients to it. Ingredients known to be effective but only ones that could be ethically sourced. We wanted to work with vendors that could show that they were paying the local harvesters a fair price for these ingredients.
At the macro level, the idea was about honoring our earth. All that nourishes us and sustains us, comes from the earth. We wanted to ensure that harvesting the ingredients was sustainable and did not have a deleterious impact on the environment.

The name Poéthique came about from this philosophy of ethical intent and behavior. Peau éthique or ethical skin in French became a stylized Poéthique.
Another key philosophy underpinning our brand was the desire to celebrate the amazing gift of Nature! While earthy and subdued tones are often associated with nature, we wanted to embody the breath-taking aspects! A spectacular sunset, a rainbow colored field of flowers, the spectacle of hundreds of pink flamingoes taking flight!

Poéthique would celebrate all that is bright and beautiful and incredible about our earth and honor our hard-working skin with bright, beautiful and incredible ingredients.

The peacock feather on our logo which accentuates the E of Poéthique is a representation of our desire to capture this glorious and breath-taking aspect of nature.

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