Why Vegan Beauty Matters at Poéthique

There are a lot of things we’d like to fix in the conventional beauty industry. Ingredients, both those that should be removed and those that could be added in order to create higher-quality products, are major sources of concern. But we also take vegan beauty commitments quite seriously as well.

Vegan and plant-based foods are lighting up the food industry right now (a Google exec called plant-based meats the hottest food trend of 2016!). And, it makes sense: decreasing animal product consumption is better for the planet, for human health, and most certainly for the animals. 

But what about beauty products? The beauty industry is expected to reach $675 billion by 2020. It’s a massive industry that, for the most part, is run by multinational corporations looking for the cheapest ingredients with the widest possible market opportunity. And that often comes at the sacrifice of our fellow earthlings.

For one, many ingredients are often animal-derived; from fats and scents to pigments and proteins, “leftover” ingredients not used by the meat, egg, and dairy industries, are sold for cheap to personal care brands to use in everything from shampoos, cleansers, and lotions to makeup, toothpaste, and perfumes.

The other reason being a vegan beauty brand is so important is that it also means no animal testing. In addition to the not-so-lovely animal ingredients in many conventional cosmetics, many major companies use synthetic chemicals, some of which are known allergens and even pose greater health risks. Many of these chemicals require safety clearance before being distributed to consumers. For many of these ingredients and products, that can mean animal testing, which is consider a cruel, archaic, and oftentimes useless practice (what irritates a bunny or puppy may not have the same effect on a human, since, you know, we’re not related to bunnies or puppies). 

There again is yet another reason being a natural-ingredient focused brand is such a bonus. With clean ingredients that pose little health risks (the most common being acute allergic reactions to something like a fruit extract or essential oil), there’s no reason to test the products on animals. Clean products also mean a clean conscience, and for us at Poéthique, there’s nothing more beautiful.

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