5 Natural Beauty Hacks for a New Year’s Glow

Yes, 2016 is finally coming to an end. There’s much to celebrate as we send-off this most, let’s call it, peculiar year. And to send it off properly, we want to look (and feel!) our best. These natural beauty hacks can help.

  1. How to depuff eyelids: If you’ve been overindulging those Christmas cookies, there may be some residual sugar effects, like puffy eyes. Two simple natural beauty DIYs can help reduce bags and puffiness: cold cucumber slices on the eyes for ten minutes, or cooled black teabags as the tannins and caffeine can help to reduce the appearance. And keep puffiness away by reducing salt and sugar consumption as well as drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest.
  1. How to heal a pimple: These crop up for many of the same reasons as the puffiness—too much junk food and maybe too little exercise as you binge watch every holiday movie ever. Spot treat blemishes with hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, or tea tree oil. Be careful not to over-dry as that can slow healing. Use a gentle oil-based cleanser and be sure to moisturize. Avoid junk foods, drink plenty of water, and be sure to get plenty of rest. And most important: don’t pick!
  1. How to reduce bloating: All that holiday food can have you feeling bloated and gassy. No fun for New Year’s. Cut down on the dairy, salt, sugar, and increase your water consumption (or herbal tea). That may seem counterintuitive since bloat is often water-retention, but drinking plenty of water is essential. Hit the gym, a yoga class, or take a hike, to help get your body moving and the bloat out. 
  1. How to deal with unruly hair: Wintertime is no fun for hair—it gets dry, frizzy, prone to breaking, etc. Give hair an extra boost with a hair mask, or deep conditioning with coconut oil to reduce frizz and help to repair split ends. 
  1. How to brighten lackluster skin: So the holidays and winter air have sapped your skin of moisture and glow. Try a fruit acid exfoliant, a deep pore cleansing mask (like clay or charcoal-based), and finishing with a nutrient-rich healing serum like our Radiance Boosting Serum with Wild Plum and Caviar Lime, and finish with a rich moisturizing lotion or crème. Use a BB cream and soft luminizer under your makeup to bring out your skin’s natural glow.

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