6 Skincare Tips for Colder Weather

6 Skincare Tips for Colder Weather

As fall weather settles in solidly, temperatures are dropping and thermostats are being cranked up in homes and offices across the country. For most of us, colder weather typically means more dryness and flaking of the skin, which could also aggravate skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Colder weather means switching up our skincare routines to account for the drier air, and artificial heat in our environments. And we find that winterizing our skincare routines in colder weather means that we step into spring with fewer skin issues and challenges to fix. So here is a list of quick skincare tips that can help cold weather skin stay healthy and balanced.

1. Practice Thermostat Discipline

That furnace is a double-edged sword. We need it to keep our homes warm enough to be comfortable, but with every run, a furnace removes moisture from the air. The resulting lack of moisture dries out our skin in a heartbeat. What’s the solution? Practicing thermostat discipline!

As tempting as it is to keep our spaces warm enough to resemble tropical islands, don’t go that warm. Keep the temperature in the 65-68-degree range and wear layered tees, blouses and sweaters instead. If you can go a bit cooler, that’s even better. Staying in this range minimizes how much moisture gets sucked out of our skin, plus we like to rock those chic, layered looks indoors as well.

2. Run a Humidifier

As those humidity sucking furnaces dry the air, we find that it’s a good idea to run a couple of humidifiers to balance out the moisture levels in the air. Some furnaces have built-in humidifiers. Otherwise, it’s easy to find some portable humidifiers you can place throughout your house. Keeping the humidity levels in your home between 30-50% will do wonders for your skin.

3. Avoid Hot Showers and Baths

On a cold, frigid day, nothing feels as amazing as soaking in a hot shower or bath. But fight that temptation, because hot water leads to dry skin.

Hot water causes the natural oil (sebum) on your skin to rinse away with your body cleanser. By the time you step from the shower, there isn’t enough of that oil remaining to adequately protect and lubricate your skin. Then you have to use a moisturizer to make up for what you just washed away. It is far better to stick with short, warm showers instead of long, hot ones. And, a colder shower, even in the winter, can have its benefits.

4. Cleanse More Gently

Cleansing gently but effectively is always important, and especially so in the winter. Harsh soaps and facial cleansers can strip the skin of its natural oils creating an environment for dry, flaky skin. Instead, use a gentle facial cleanser that can clean effectively without stripping your skin dry. Our Daily Cleansing Milk is powered by neem and chamomile for an effective but gentle clean so your winter skin remains fresh and soft.

5. Exfoliate More Gently

Hand-in-hand with gentle cleansing is gentle exfoliation. We are big believers in gentle exfoliation using an all-natural skincare product. Gentle exfoliation is even more important during the cold weather months. Avoid strong skin peels and masks that can further irritate already dry skin. Scrub exfoliants  are another no-no as they irritate the skin, potentially leading to acne or skin rashes. Try Radiance Boosting Serum which works gently over the space of 2 weeks to renew your skin.

The arrival of cold weather means making a little extra effort to take care of your skin. Our motto: where winter skincare is concerned, gentle is best!

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