A Guide to Skincare Layering

A Guide to Skincare Layering

As recently as ten years ago, a skincare routine consisted of a couple of steps – cleansing, maybe toning, moisturizing, and that’s that. But over the past decade, skincare has evolved and routines have become more sophisticated. Part of the reason is that the idea that one product fits all skins has been tossed to the curbside. Indeed, skin is unique and when we add the differences in climate, seasons, lifestage and lifestyle, it becomes obvious that a one-size-fits-all skincare routine isn’t practical.

Additionally, as globalization helps us discover amazing skincare ingredients and routines that can have terrific results, we find ourselves drawn to creating skincare routines that work for our individual skins. Layering skincare products means using them in a specific order. While it is possible to apply those products in a random order, it would feel a bit like layering clothing on in a random fashion. The underpants over leggings look really just works for Superman. Similarly, using an oil before a serum or mist might not be the best order to use those products in.

Maximum Benefit from All

Why a particular order to skincare application? The simple answer is that it helps achieve the maximum benefits from every product you use. While the generally accepted order of cleanse, treat, hydrate is a good rule of thumb, read along to see where the serums, mists, and oils go.

A General Order of Skin Care

In general, one should go from lighter, water-based products to heavier, oil/cream-based ones.

Cleanser – If you’re a fan of double cleansing, start with the oil-based cleanser first. Oil-based cleansers can be especially useful for taking off heavy make-up. Use a gentle non-foaming cleanser as the second step, or for lighter make-up, sweat, and a day’s worth of activity.

Toners, Mists, Essences – If you use either or all of these products, do it immediately after cleansing, when skin is still damp. These products typically assist the absorption of other products by leaving your skin receptive and open.

Spot Treatments – In order to be effective, spot treatments for acne, rosacea etc. should be applied before other products are layered on, so that their absorption is not impeded.

Water-based Serum – Water based serums that have AHAs, vitamin C or other water-soluble ingredients should come next. Our Radiance Boosting Serum has a light, gelee like texture and is quickly absorbed by cleansed, toned skin to give you that radiant glow.

Eye Cream – If you use an eye cream, apply it now. We recommend nourishing and protecting this delicate area, morning and evening. The idea is to nourish and protect the skin around the eyes, which is among the most sensitive of all.

Moisturizers, Creams, Facial Oils and Balms – Finish your routine with a moisturizing product that locks in natural moisture and protects against dry external air. If using both cream and oil, go from lightest to heaviest in texture. A cream comes before an oil, which would come before a balm. For daytime usage, we recommend using moisturizers with sunscreens integrated into them. This will ensure that wrinkle-causing UV radiation is kept at bay.

Go ahead and layer like a pro, and get maximum benefit from all your amazing products!

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