Achieving the Holiday Glow: Facemasks & Exfoliation

Achieving the Holiday Glow: Facemasks & Exfoliation

Holidays can be a time for glitter and shine, when the entire world seems to glow a bit more brightly. We believe our skin should glow, too. Beautiful, glowing skin is a holiday goal a lot of us pursue, but it needs to be done right. Here are the two keys to achieve a natural holiday glow: facemasks and exfoliation.

As we have preached before on this blog, it’s a huge boost to add exfoliation to your regular skincare routine. But what about face masks? The value of a good facemask as part of a regular skincare routine, should not be underestimated. Face masks do a lot of good all on their own, but they are even more effective when combined with a regular routine that includes deep cleansing and moisturizing.

How Facemasks Can Help

The venerable facemask has been described in multiple ways by many different people. We like to think of it as an all-in-one tool for deep cleansing, drawing impurities from the skin, refining pores, and increasing hydration. It is like a power package that does an awful lot in a short amount of time.

The idea behind the facemask is to apply it and then let it sit. While you might be reading a book or binge-watching your favorite television program, the facemask is hard at work doing its thing. Though it takes some extra time and effort, using a facemask is really quite simple.

A good facemask achieves a deep clean by settling into the pores and drawing out dirt, debris, and other impurities. It is also hydrating the skin at the same time. What a great combination, right? A weekly facemask can do wonders for the skin – especially when it is part of a thorough skincare routine.

The Relaxation Factor

Another thing to consider about the facemask is the relaxation factor. For some reason, we associate facemasks with a calm, serene, and relaxing environment perfectly conducive to letting go of all that stress. There is nothing wrong with that.

Science has proven that stress is bad for the skin. So if we can use a facemask that deep cleanses, hydrates, and helps reduce stress all at the same time, using it would seem obvious. Getting rid of some of that stress in our lives only enhances the effectiveness of the skincare products we use.

But….Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Exfoliation is as important to achieving that holiday glow as a regular facemask. Unfortunately, the busyness of this time of year makes it easy to forgo regular exfoliation. After just a few skipped days, skin can begin to look dull and plain.

Exfoliation is especially important as the weather begins to turn colder, when skin begins to get dehydrated and more sensitive. To that, add rich food, beverages and, staying up late for holiday parties, and holiday season can do a real number on skin. To keep it glowing, exfoliation becomes even more important.

Our team swears by exfoliating on a regular basis, with gentle products. No aggressive scrubbing or harsh peels that harm the skin more than they help. A gentle serum like our Radiance Boosting Serum, loaded with AHAs in a concentration that is just right for daily use, helps remove dead skin cells, and keeps skin glowing with health.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, make that commitment to taking care of your skin and get it looking warmly glowy, healthy and, radiant.

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