An Interview with Rosie of Joy Skin Atelier

An Interview with Rosie of Joy Skin Atelier

This week we had a chat with one of our favorite local estheticians, Rosie Ramos of Joy Skin Atelier in Charlestown, MA. Rosie’s had some incredible years of experience in the skin care and beauty world, and we had a great conversation about transitioning to only using green skin care and how she started her own clean business. We hope that our readers can learn from some of Rosie’s experience and skin care philosophy!

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Rosemary, most everyone calls me Rosie. I have been in the beauty skin care industry for 23 years. My journey in the skin care world has allowed me to work in the room, own two business’, mentor and explore many aspects in the skin care work from medical to medicinal Eastern/Western.

My current chapter in my skin care life, is “joy” a green beauty skin studio located in the charming Charlestown, MA. I have been able to take my expertise and curate a greener, healthier, sustainable approach to skin care, health challenges and provide safe effective treatments in the room and extend that to home care for my guests.

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2. When did you open JoySkin? Why? What is your philosophy?

Joy Skin Atelier, was born with the goal to find my joy again in my work and scale it to be more one on one and very personal. I opened joy July 2017.

My philosophy is less is more. Joy is where wellness treatments are built around maintaining mindful and emotional health combining holistic and technical methods resulting in whole, healthy skin and body. Skin care is the gateway to self-care.

3. What made you switch to green beauty? Why you chose the brands that you did?

I slowly made the switch to green beauty as my life style was evolving that way. The thought of taking the time and doing my due diligence with what I was eating, wearing, putting onto my skin, and cleaning with became a sustainable goal for me and that needed to align with my skin care/work practice. My care for my clients needed to mirror my self care so naturally it evolved into sustainable non-toxic beauty.

The brands that I use and prescribe for home care are so important to me. I partner with each one of my brands because of the person/owner, story, choice and efficacy of ingredients, packaging and price point and lastly the vendor support means everything to me as they are equally invested in my business’ success.

4. How do you approach skincare for your clients?

My approach is always: where is my client in life with age, stress level, hormonal levels, medical conditions and lifestyle? Less is more.

5. What are your favorite products?

My favorite products, that is a question that is hard to answer as it depends on the season. Serums, cremes and exfoliants are my key and favorite but they all work to complete my home care….I would have to say my toner from January Labs and my elixir from Poethique are my life lines for my skin care (“never leave home without it”).

6. Any upcoming special events, etc.?

Joy is participating in The Charlestown Fall Fest, hosted my Charlestown Cycle, also I will be running October 6th for the 2nd annual Boston Run For Elephants 5K and joy will be hosting a table there and supporting a safe sustainable place for elephants to thrive and multiply in Kenya.

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