At-Home Spa: How to steam your face at Home

At-Home Spa: How to steam your face at Home

While you may not be able to go to a spa right now, there are still ways to pamper your skin at home with a little DIY. All you need to create at-home spa is a little creativity. Cooling compresses, face steaming, and even massages can all be made using common household ingredients. 

Set the tone with aromatherapy 

One of the best things about spas is how good they smell. Spas often use essential oil diffusers, incense, or other means to create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere through aromatherapy. This is a holistic healing practice that has deep historical roots across the world. 

Spas most often use scents that have soothing, relaxing qualities. Some of the most popular are eucalyptus, lavender, sandalwood, lemongrass, and lotus flower. Fortunately, these are common scents whether you’re using an essential oil diffuser or a natural candle. 

These scents will help put your mind and body into a space of healing and relaxation that spas are designed to create. 

Benefits of facial steaming

The spa makes steaming seem like a high-end, luxury concept. However, the components are as simple as can be—hot water. Face steaming is an amazing way to get your skin glowing, release toxins, and hydrate your skin. That’s essentially everything you could want from a skin care treatment! 

Some of the benefits of steaming your face include clearing up acne and skin congestion (like the kind caused by pollution). This is because the gentle warm steam helps blackheads and clogged pores to open up.

At the same time, it also dilates your blood vessels, increasing blood circulation and giving your skin that refreshing glow. This extra benefit of increased circulation also makes it easier for other skin care products, like our Radiance Boosting Face Serum, to be absorbed into the skin. 

dried herbs set on a table to be added to face steaming bowl

Here’s how to give yourself an all-natural steam facial at home: 

First, set up a comfortable place to sit for around ten minutes, like your kitchen table. Set up a bowl, and have a large towel at the ready. 

Second, boil some water using a kettle or the microwave (but for safety purposes, an electric or stovetop kettle is best).

Third, pour the water into the bowl and position the towel over your head so you create your own private sauna room. Put on a good podcast and hang out for ten minutes while the steam does its work. Just be sure you don’t get too close to the water, or accidentally burn yourself on the hot bowl. 

Based on your skin type or concern, you can add different ingredients into the bowl, like dried herbs. A common herb like mint helps to detoxify your skin, while something like chamomile helps to soothe inflammation. If you’re suffering from other ailments like clogged sinuses from allergies, then you can add a quarter of a cup of apple cider vinegar per two cups of water. 

Finally, rub the excess moisture into your skin. Follow up with a gentle cleanser to wash away the impurities that came to the surface and a face oil to lock in the hydration. 

Cucumber and herbs infused water

Kick back and close your eyes

When you think of a spa, are cucumber slices one of the first things that come to mind? There’s a good reason for this—cucumbers do have properties beneficial to the skin. As these vegetables are mostly water, they are obviously hydrating and soothing to the skin. 

Cucumbers help to reduce inflammation and are very gentle, which is why they’re used for the sensitive skin around the eye area (they also happen to be the perfect shape for the job). As you may recall from a previous post, your eye area requires some special attention. 

The vegetable also contains antioxidants that are delicious for your skin like vitamin C and folic acid. Both of these help stimulate new cell growth and fight off signs of aging, like crow’s feet. 

If cucumber slices aren’t for you, then you can also try bags of green tea that have been soaking in cool water—or better yet, make a mug of delicious tea and let the bag cool while you drink. Green tea is extremely rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are amazing for freshening your skin, along with anti-inflammatory catechins that fight eye-area puffiness. 

hand playing tibetan singing bowl for relaxation

For a little TLC for the mind, instead of putting on some music while you relax, this is the perfect opportunity to try out a guided meditation or mindfulness session. The app Headspace is a good place to start if looking up a video on YouTube is too overwhelming. 

If you want to zone out on your own, put on a playlist of something like ocean sounds, which in emerging research has shown to measurably reduce stress. You can also try a playlist of Tibetan singing bowls, which have been used in traditional meditation practices for thousands of years. 

If you’ve tried face steaming at home, either with our DYI or with a face steamer, let us know and send us a picture of your set up through our social channels! But don’t stress out about it—that would just defeat the purpose. 

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