Getting Ready For A Night Out

Getting Ready For A Night Out

When mastered, the subtle art of getting ready is guaranteed to get you in a good mood. Whether you’re heading to a date or dancing with friends, take time for yourself before you go to put yourself in the proper headspace to fully enjoy yourself. While everyone’s preferred routine will be different, here are our go-to getting ready tips.


Organize more, stress less. Pick your outfit ahead of time and lay or hang it out in the morning to make sure none of the pieces are wrinkled or missing buttons. Need a little inspo? For those of us in cold places like Boston, this cold weather lookbook from Topshop is a go to. If you can get away with fewer layers, check out these lighter outfits from Free People. Also, make sure to pack all of your essentials beforehand. Travel light but make sure you have everything you need: credit cards, license, keys, phone, and lipgloss. Leave a big glass of water on your bedside table for when you get back – you’ll thank yourself in the morning.


A full-body exfoliation and cleanse is invigorating and awakening, especially after a long day of work. A body scrub works to boost circulation and increase blood flow, leaving your body feeling refreshed, softened and awake. Opt for clean products that will be gentle on your skin and body. Throw on your favorite Spotify playlist to get you in the mood, light some candles and don’t forget to moisturize after.

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Fresh out of the shower is the best time to apply your skincare. Your pores are open from the steam (unless you take cold showers, a recommended yogic practice if you can handle it!) and your skin is prepped for your products to really absorb and do their job. Don’t forget to use a separate exfoliant for your face than you do for your body.

A gentle facial exfoliant is the key to a bright and glowy complexion. Try to stick with clean products like our serum. It harnesses the power of botanical ingredients to balance and renew skin, leaving it hydrated and prepped for makeup. Whatever products you use, make sure you’ve tested them before to avoid any potential irritation. Check out our step by step skincare guide for more tips.

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Getting dressed

That fabulous outfit you’ve picked? Get it on before hair and makeup. It gives you time before you leave to make sure everything fits properly and feels good. If not you have plenty of time to pick a new look. Plus, you’ll avoid any potential smudging. Now is also a good time to grab a glass of whatever you’re into at the moment – getting ready for a fun night out with a cocktail in hand is one of life’s little luxuries. Don’t forget a small snack so you’re not hungry when you get there.  

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If your daily routine is fairly simple, try adding something new that makes you feel bold and confident. Our go-to is a natural, glowy look with a slight wing on the outer corner of the eyes to open and brighten. If you’re into it, try incorporating a red lip for the holiday. Also, clean up as you go – if you’re not feeling your best in the A.M. it will be nice to wake up to a clean space.

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This one is up to personal preference. Throw in some sea salt spray and tousle it with your fingers for a messy look. Into the updo? Go for a low bun. Whatever your style, try to accentuate your natural texture and incorporate products that enhance it.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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