Ingredient Spotlight: Sacha Inchi Oil

Ingredient Spotlight: Sacha Inchi Oil

Between cold and dry weather and recovering from summer sun damage, it’s the time of year to watch out for your skin. That’s why this week we’re focusing on one of the key ingredients from our Facial Recovery Elixir, Sacha Inchi Oil! Read on to learn how this tropical superfood benefits your skin.


Sacha Inchi may be an unfamiliar name to many, although it is making in-roads at such retailers like Whole Food and Trader Joes as a delicious and healthy snack. Sacha Inchi (scientific name of Sacha Inchi is Plukenetia volubilis, also called the Pracaxi tree) is a tree native to Southeast Asia and South America that produces star-shaped fruit.

Inside this fruit are large seeds, close to the same size as a large peanut, which is why in many places, Sacha Inchi is called a nut rather than a seed. The oil we use in our Elixir comes from extracting oil from these seeds, usually through hydraulic cold presses. These seeds are very high in both complete proteins and oil content, making up 27% and up to 60% respectively. Naturally, this oil is the big star when it comes to skin benefits.

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Benefits of Sacha Inchi for your skin

Sacha Inchi oil is, in many ways, similar to flaxseed oil. The most notable health benefit is that the oil contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. So much in fact, that it’s the highest natural producer of the essential fatty acid in the world. According to a major (and ethical!) producer, it can contain as much as 17 times more omega-3 than salmon.

While Sacha Inchi isn’t a household name, fish oil supplements are. In both, omega-3 is the key ingredient and due to the popularity of fish oil, a great deal of research has been done about omega 3s benefits.

One element of omega-3, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and alpha linolenic acid, benefits your skin by assisting in oil regulation, which boosts hydration and helps prevent acne break-outs. However, that’s not all it does. We included it in our Facial Elixir because omega-3 also delays aging and its signs, such as wrinkles.

Sacha Inchi is a nutrient dense food, and also contains high amounts of omega-6 (a partner to omega-3), protein, amino acids, vitamin E, and beta-sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory compound.

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Although not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases, after learning all this good information about Sacha Inchi, you might even want to start including it in your diet. Sacha Inchi seeds are safe to eat and even more nutrient dense than almonds. You can also replace the olive oil in your salad with Sacha Inchi oil.

Adding Sacha Inchi seeds (also known as Inca peanuts) to your diet may also help with weight loss, or to lower your cholesterol levels. And because of that beneficial omega-3, they even have a delicious, buttery taste to them that makes them rich and satisfying.

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