Introducing our vegan lip balm triplets – Bombay, Buenos Aires and Boston

Introducing our vegan lip balm triplets - Bombay, Buenos Aires and Boston

Our product development process at Poéthique has always been very mindful. We think hard about what our user needs, efficacy and safety of ingredients, and put it against our philosophy of plant-based & cruelty-free ingredients, as well as globally-derived beauty wisdom.

But one of our biggest questions always is, ‘Why this product? Why ours? Why now?’ Beauty is a crowded and confusing market with so many options.

We think hard about what makes our products stand out. And so it was, with our lip balms – we affectionately refer to them as lippies!

In studying the market, we realized quickly that there were two areas that really stood out for us.

Natural Lip Balm by Poéthique

The first area of focus was to make the best lip balm that was plant-based. The vast majority of lip balms have a beeswax base. This is because beeswax is one of the cheapest natural alternatives to petroleum based lip balms. However, we firmly believe that commercial beeswax comes at the expense of bee health and well-being, similar to other modern animal husbandry practices.

A quick google search will show that bee colonies world over are collapsing due to overuse of pesticides, climate change and mono-cropping, amongst others. Bees are incredibly important to our ecosystem and their precipitous decline doesn’t bode well for our environment. Hence, our focus on plant butters that could replace beeswax.

Lip Balm in a scoop showing buttery soft texture

But replacing beeswax is not easy, just as weaning off fossil-fuel based energy is not easy. It’s easily available, it’s cheap and it works well in holding a lip balm together. Our alternative needed to work as well as, if not better than beeswax.

So, our second area of focus was to to find a blend of plant butters that were highly effective at moisturizing lips, while holding their structure and not becoming super runny, or too hard. This is where our product development efforts turn science into an art!

After much experimenting, we have nailed a mix of kokum, mango butters along with coconut and other plant oils, that provide luxurious texture, a barely there feel, and maximum nourishment. My young daughters, who were eager testers, can attest that their lips, chapped and cracked from Boston’s brutal winters have healed completely with daily use. That’s right – we test on humans, not animals!

To paraphrase, we believed there was a need for a vegan lip balm, with great texture and efficacy. And so, with much love, we introduce to you our lip balms.

Tinted Lip Balms by PoéthiqueThey come in three varieties, all named for places that are close to our hearts. Bombay is a reddish-brown tinted lip balm that reminds me of the spice markets of my birthplace. Buenos Aires is a vibrant pink that is named for the passionate tangoes danced by couples in our product chief, Patricia’s hometown. Lastly, Boston is a thicker, even more nourishing formula, colorless and inspired by the snow in Poéthique’s birthplace.

Our natural lip balms can be worn by themselves for the sheerest hint of color, or layered under lipsticks to protect your lips, keeping them moisturized and nourished through a long day of work, and/or, long nights of play.

Our team here sincerely hopes you will enjoy these lippies as much as we have enjoyed making them for you!

Xoxo, Gayatri, Patricia, Cynthia, Kelsey, Abigail & Mary Beth

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