Making The Most Of Summer’s End

Making The Most Of Summer's End

Yes, it’s sad but true. The end of summer is right around the corner, with September creeping closer everyday. Though vacation season is ending, that doesn’t mean you have to fall into the end-of-summer blues. With these tips, see how you can make the most of summer’s end.

Spend time with family

All the free time summer entails sometimes makes it more difficult to make schedules work with all the different camps, vacations, and summer jobs. Before we know it, summer has slipped by, and you haven’t spent as much time with family as you would have liked. The ending weeks are the perfect opportunity to catch up on lost time, as by now other activities are winding down, but the weather is still nice.

Some of our ideas include enjoying a late dinner outside on a picnic blanket by the water (river, lake, or ocean), or playing board games while sipping some homemade lemonade.

Mother and kid outdoors

Get out of the house and into nature

In the summer, sometimes we have too much free time, which means we can end up doing nothing and staying inside with our A/C. To make the most of the end of summer, dedicate more time to leaving your house and spending time with nature while the weather remains nice.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t relax. Investing in a mobile camping hammock means you can hang out—literally—wherever you can find two trees. If you still need more vitamin C after that, we can get some from our Radiance Boosting Face Serum.

In addition, there’s still plenty of time of time to get some hiking—or even just walking—in. Websites like AllTrails can help you locate the right hike for your location and experience level. Nature had also shown to be good for your mental health. Here at Poéthique, we love everything nature has to offer, and believe that we can get a lot back from the natural world.

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Go tech free

Maybe you’ve heard of summer cleanses, but summer is also the perfect time to reset your relationship with technology. In today’s connected world, it’s all too easy to develop an unhealthy reliance on screens. Summer can be an opportunity to catch up on some more analog activities, like reading.

You might also find it easier to do some of our previous suggestions without being constantly distracted by your phone. You can even try out meditation and mindfulness, taking your tech cleanse as an opportunity to be more present in the summer moment.

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