Our Own Clean, Natural Skin Care Routine

Our Own Clean, Natural Skin Care Routine

You have the products, but how do you integrate them into your skin care routine? This week, we show you one individual skin care routine and how a member of our team uses her Poéthique skin care products.

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Hello everyone! My name is Abigail, the newest member of Poéthique’s team and today we’re covering my personal skin care routine. While I have normal skin in terms of the oil-dryness balance, my skin does run on the more sensitive side and I have very mild rosacea. So how do I start my routine at the end of the day?

1. Makeup removal

I use micellar water and two organic cotton pads to get all of my makeup off. I tend to do this step right when I get home so I don’t get lazy when it gets close to when I want to sleep. I’ve found that make-up wipes are just too harsh for my skin. I’ve been using the Burt’s Bees

version (available just about everywhere), though the Bioderma one is the absolute classic.

I actually used to apply just old-fashioned coconut oil, but unfortunately for me, it just doesn’t jive with my skin type. Unfortunately, it can really clog your pores. Micellar water is my go-to, but I’m still trialing cleaner cleansing water alternatives.

2. Cleansing

Next comes my cleanser. In the past, this has been a real pain-point in my routine because of my sensitive skin. Any time of harsh exfoliator with beads in it makes my face light up like Rudolph’s nose. So our Deeply Cleansing Milk is absolutely perfect for me, because while it’s gentle it’s also very effective in cleaning out my pores.

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3. Toner

Not everyone uses a toner, but I am a dedicated follower of the Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea toner. Not only does it help cool down my flushed skin (rosy cheeks are not a blessing!), but it’s been great for my stress-induced acne as well. While it can be a little sticky, I find it goes fine under my other products. If you decide to add a toner to your routine, the best time to apply is after cleansing and before any serums or moisturizers.

4. Serums

Naturally, as someone with mild rosacea, the Facial Recovery Elixir Face Oil is a great match for me. However, I’m actually not using it at the moment. Considering it’s summer and I want to get my glow on, I’ve swapped it out temporarily in favor of the Radiance Boosting Face Serum. Both products have never given me irritation, either, and my skin can be awfully picky.

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5. Moisturizer

Finally, I top it off with my moisturizer. I use the same sensitive-skin face cream for my overall face as well as under my eyes, as I’ve never felt like I needed an additional eye-cream. I’ve recently fallen in love with Pangea Organics (dry and sensitive skin formula) Facial Cream, which I got as a gift from my mom last month. She’s gotten both my sister and I on the bandwagon.

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Putting together my current skin care routine was a building process. Some products were gifts, and others I found through research. The first time I tried micellar water was because my friend left some at my house. But no matter what, I thought it was important to try and make my routine cleaner, even if it meant going out of my way and branching out from drugstore products. It’s important to find what fits you, because only you’ll be able to see what works.

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