Planning a Green and Clean Summer Vacation

Planning a Green and Clean Summer Vacation

There’s still some time left to enjoy the summer, and even to plan a summer getaway. Here are our tips for making your trip environmentally sound.

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Planning A Clean Vacation

When planning a clean vacation, one of the key principles is protecting the places you visit while watching your own carbon footprint. This process begins at the very beginning of the planning process—even when choosing a destination.

Though there are beautiful natural locations in the world, places with fragile ecosystems vulnerable to humans should be left off your list. However, places such as Mexico, Costa Rica, and British Columbia have put in place infrastructure and even laws that protect local environments there.

Then, there’s the question of how to get there. Of course, sometimes flying is unavoidable. Though, where possible, it should be avoided, because flight is the travel method that has the heaviest environmental impact. More carbon-neutral options like driving (who doesn’t love a road trip!) or trains are preferable.

Finally when planning, search out lodging with green practices, like composting food waste or low-energy power systems. Fortunately, organizations like the Green Hotels Association

keeps lists so you can crosscheck your options.

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What to Pack

Fortunately, many of our favorite clean products—including our own—come in travel sizes. However, for the products that don’t, instead of buying more product, invest in a set of washable, reusable, silicone travel bottles. These little bottles come in all different shapes and sizes for just about every product.

Speaking of reusable products, one of the best travel items are reusable bags. Bags that can be folded and rolled up fit into any backpack or purse and can seriously come in handy, especially if you end up buying more than you can fit in your luggage. Just bringing one reusable bag can save you from accumulating dozens of plastic bags along your journey.

Finally, if possible, bring a reusable water bottle. Though of course, depending on your destination, drinking from plastic bottles may be inevitable. However, a reusable water bottle can save you from having to use the mini ones provided on planes and trains.

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Make it a Sustainable Stay

Here are some tips for once you’ve arrived at your destination. First, use your body to get around! Not only is walking and biking a great way to see places, but it’s better for the environment and your body. These days, many hotels, hostels, and Airbnb’s have bikes available to rent, or you can utilize one of the many bike share apps available.

Just like at home, try and focus on eating locally sourced food. Not only is this a good way to experience the local flavor a vacation spot has to offer, but reduces your carbon footprint because of the fuel costs associated with transporting food.

Finally, when shopping for souvenirs, think sustainable. Many tourists locations will be filled with cheap souvenir stores owned by big companies. Shopping at a locally owned businesses instead puts money back into the community.

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