Skin Care Tricks and Treats

Skin Care Tricks and Treats

With Halloween around the corner, sweets aren’t just for eating. Your skin can get in on all the different tricks and treats!

Tricks for Good Skin

Exfoliate longer instead of harder: Harsh exfoliants (like dreaded pulverized almonds) can permanently damage the skin. Instead of scrubbing away, use a gentler exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and apply less pressure, but for a longer amount of time – that will cleanse your skin without unintentionally damaging it.

Less ingredients, more benefit: We’re big fans of this tip. The time of skin care products with huge amounts of mystery chemicals are over—stick to products that have shorter ingredient lists and better yet, where you know what everything listed is. Learn more about our own process here.

Apply Sunscreen: This trick speaks for itself. Check out our past post that breaks down everything you need to know about SPF and sun damage.

Beware of face wipes: Those handy packets of face cleanser may look easy and convenient, but they often contain drying alcohol and mystery chemicals (unless we’re talking about the Burts Bees Micellar Water ones).

Vitamin C all the way: When it comes to brightening the face and reducing dark spots and signs of aging, vitamin C is one of the best treatments out there. Better yet, it’s abundantly available in natural sources. To benefit yourself, try our Radiance Boosting face serum.

Eat less sugar: This one speaks for itself… unless it’s Halloween candy, of course.

Skin Treats

Treating your skin is all about luxury, comfort, and giving your skin more time than you give it on the day-to-day. Are we talking self-care here? Absolutely!

If you aren’t a bath person, it might be time to become one. Soaking in a nice, warm bath does wonders for your mood and stress levels. Psychologist Neil Morris of the University of Wolverhampton in the UK studied 80 people and found a drop in negative thoughts and an increased feeling of satisfaction. If you have kids or just general stressors in your life, a bath is a “wonderful combination of isolation, quiet, and comfort.”

Baths are also beneficial for muscle aches and pain. The heat of the bath increases blood flow and decreases blood pressure, soothing sore muscles after a long week. Different bath additives can also multiply the benefits. Epsom salts, an anti-inflammatory, have been found in different studies to measurably reduce pain from conditions like arthritis.

Combine epsom salt with different essential oils to get any number of different benefits (but be careful to not just drop essential oils in water—they won’t diffuse!). We like classic lavender for relaxing and peppermint for an energy boost.

After your bath, which can be drying, coat your skin in a luxurious moisturizing cream or body butter. In contrast with body lotions, which are made with water and oil, body butters are based on shea butter. Rich and moisturizing, body butters are one of the ultimate treats for the skin. Because they are so heavy, they make a perfect occasional indulgence unless you already have very dry skin.

To treat yourself further, you can take some tips from spas and bring them into your own home. Facials with steam are expensive, but it’s easy also easy to create your own steamer at home out of hot water and a towel. Boil water like you’re making tea and pour it into a ceramic bowl.

Drape a towel over your head to create a miniature sauna. Then all you have to do is turn on some tunes and bask in the steam for ten minutes. Steam opens pores and blood vessels that improves circulation in the face and releases bacteria and sebum. Afterwards, your skin will better absorb any products.

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