Spotlight on Kristy Dowdle of Good Green Box: Making Green Beauty Waves Down Under!

Through our Spotlight posts, we aim to shine a light on the inspirational journeys of passionate advocates within the natural beauty, health and wellness space. For our inaugural Spotlight post, we chatted with the radiant Kristy Dowdle of Good Green Box, one of Australia’s first subscription services to introduce people to green beauty products.

Kristy, tell us a little about yourself!

Let’s just say growing up I was known as the hippie amongst my family and friends. I love being outdoors I find it cathartic, relaxing and rejuvenating. We moved around a lot both cities and country so I like to think of myself as a city loving hippie. I remember being in the last two years of high school and spending hours hiking around the national park across the road from my home. I guess being ‘green’ as always been part of who I am.

Why did you switch to a lifestyle that incorporated green beauty lifestyle?

I’ve always dabbled with ‘better for you’ products but about 2 years ago I started playing around with ‘no poo’ – that is not using shampoo or conditioner. You’ll be happy to know that I’m back washing my hair, but that really spurred my interest and since I’ve launched GGB in May this year I’ve been lucky enough to be exposed to incredible brands that there is almost no need for toxic beauty products in my life now.

What made you start Good Green Box and where do you hope to see it go in the next few years? 

It might sound weird but I decided to start GGB because it felt right. There was nothing else like it in the market dedicated to just green beauty, and I could visualise the box in my head. It seemed like a no-brainer to be honest. The vision for GGB is to help customers discover beauty products they love, that are better for them. I can see it expanding quickly to the online store, video guides and eventually a retail store – all natural, organic and non-toxic.

Being an entrepreneur is a roller-coaster ride! What have your favorite and not-so-favorite parts been?

Being an entrepreneur has been incredible! I’ve met beautiful people with gorgeous brands, and knowing that everyday, I’m creating a product that people can relate to, and get value from, is sensational. The best parts are definitely working with the brands and getting to try all the products, as well as the photography. I love seeing it come to life. The toughest parts have been the early mornings and late nights trying to juggle everything. Luckily, I’ve brought on a blogger to help with the content and she’s been amazing at reviewing the products and writing cleverly crafted blog pieces. 

What is your favorite natural ingredient?

I LOVE coconut oil. I use it as a make up remover, as an anti-frizz for hair, cooking, on dry skin… there really are so many uses for it!

And finally, with everything that you’ve got going on and such a busy schedule, how do you like to relax?

I love to hike, well really anything outdoors. If it’s rainy though, I’m a massive reader so you’ll find my curled up with my kindle. 

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