Spotlight on Mollie Ableman of She’s A Natural: Californian New Yorker Green Beauty Blogger

Spotlight on Mollie Ableman of She's A Natural: Californian New Yorker Green Beauty Blogger

Mollie Ableman, the brains and beauty behind the green beauty blog, She’s A Natural has called New York home for almost a decade. But this native Californian hasn’t forgotten her eco-warrior roots. Growing up, Mollie remembers environmental consciousness was not a trend or fad, but a way of life in her home town of San Francisco. Composting was taught at her local elementary school and they celebrated not a single Earth Day, but an entire Earth week.

So, it was only natural that when some friends recommended she read “No More Dirty Looks” by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt, Mollie dove right in. Always interested in beauty and make-up, Mollie was appalled by what she found. Ingredients commonly used in skincare were toxins and other ingredients were processed with known carcinogens. Like others whose eyes have been opened, Mollie was shocked that while she stayed healthy with eating healthy, organic food and working out regularly, her seemingly harmless daily beauty routine could be introducing potential toxins into her system. Following a huge purge, Mollie began to study brands and their ingredients more and decided to share her newfound knowledge through her blog, She’s A Natural, which continues to be a force for good within the green beauty community. We chatted with Mollie about her thoughts on green beauty, her favorite products and where she’d like to see green beauty go next.

We’ve heard what inspired you to start your amazing blog. What keeps you going?

I’m passionate about green beauty and sharing what I find! I’m always telling my friends and family anyway, so I figured I’d share it out to a broader audience. If I can help even one person make a switch to a healthier alternative, I feel like it’s been worth it. Plus, I love helping small beauty brands that I believe in; they’re small business after all. I’ll be honest – it is difficult to find the time to write with a full time job (Ed. note: Mollie is an advertising executive) but my friends within the community like Ashley of Green Bunny Video keep me going!

What is your philosophy on life?

I strive for balance in my life! I make healthy choices but I also enjoy a glass of wine. Living in NY, it can be easy to get busy, but I try and make sure that I’m spending my time on things that matter to me – my amazing husband, our dog, my wonderful friends, taking in the cultural life that NY has to offer. My lifestyle is pretty down to earth and try to bring that perspective into my blog; you won’t find me spreading fear through my channel or the idea that you have to be perfect – that’s just not who I am.

What are your favorite ingredients?

I really appreciate when a beauty brand has actives in it that are truly transforming skin in some way. For e.g. I know vitamin c is good for hyperpigmentation, as is rosehip oil. I love Drunk Elephant for their glycolic acid, and Poéthique for the AHAs. I love the abundance of oils, especially argan and coconut oils. I also like to make sure all my products are non-comedogenic, which is easier to find in the green beauty world. But plenty of natural ingredients doesn’t always equate to no zits or no allergies. I recall when I went through a phase using a lot of lanolin based lip balms and my lips kept getting chapped. I thought it was the weather and then realized I was allergic to the lanolin!

Now that I’m approaching the 30s, I’ve started thinking more about wrinkles and am super diligent about applying my SPF. My mother is from Australia and with their ozone hole, applying SPF is just a done thing for them, so I got that habit from my mom.

What future would you like to see for the beauty industry?

I really hope to see higher standards within the beauty industry in the U.S., whether self-enforced or through regulation. I know a lot of people in green beauty fear that it will take away their niche or make it more difficult for them to sell, but the goal would be to ensure that everybody has access to safe products.

What would be your dream company to collaborate with?

Oooh! So, so many! But if I had to pick one, I’d love to work with Illia Beauty. They’re so chic – I can see doing a photo shoot for them! I also love One Love Organics, Acure, Hynt and Briogeo for hair!

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