Tips to Refresh your Summer Skin

Tips to Refresh your Summer Skin

Tips to Refresh your Summer Skin 

Are we wearing an amazing natural summer glow on our sun-kissed skin… or is that just sweat? As we transition into the hottest stages of summer, your summer skin may be needing a little refresh after beach trips, and maybe a sunburn or two. Today we talk about how to keep your skin refreshed all day, and all summer long. 

Start the night before

Dewey, moisturized glowing skin starts the night before with a solid routine. In our post about adapting your skin care routine for the summer, we talked about what the best swaps to make are, and some of those points bear repeating. 

Summer heat also brings summer humidity to many parts of the world. As it’s hot and humid, there’s more moisture in the air. Your skin doesn’t dry out as quickly as it does during the colder, dryer winter months. This means you can swap out your heavy-duty creams for a lighter, twice a day moisturizer. 

Better yet, before your moisturizer even goes on, layer it with a hydrating face serum like our Radiance Boosting Face Serum. This serum contains wild plum extract, which is high in vitamin C. Commonly found in fruit, vitamin C is loaded with antioxidants that protects our skin and prevents the breakdown of collagen. 

A flashy buzzword these days, collagen is a protein found throughout the body. In our skin and on our face, collagen is what gives our skin flexibility, tightening, and strengthening it. Essentially, it’s the protein that gives skin that youthful look (spoiler, but look out for a more in-depth look at collagen in the coming weeks!). 

However, over time, our body naturally stops producing as much collagen and it breaks down faster. That’s why skin care products like our serum are amazing for reducing signs of aging and making your skin appear refreshed and glowing.  


It’s also important to go to sleep hydrated. We love talking about the importance of water here, because hydration is connected to so many aspects of our health! Not only is water-intake great for your skin, but going to bed dehydrated can actually disturb your sleep. During the night, without enough water during the day, your throat and nasal passages can dry out, causing things like noisy snoring and dry mouth in the morning. Dehydration can even leave you feeling less rested overall. 

Throughout the day, make sure to drink at least eight cups of water—non-caffeinated. Caffeine isn’t dehydrating, as some people suggest, but it’s also not the optimal way to hydrate your body. 

For a tasty alternative to plain water, make iced tea! Perfect for the hot summer months and sitting out on the porch, you can make nearly every bagged tea into a cool beverage. First, get six teaspoons of your favorite loose-leaf tea or around six bags of tea and place them in a heat-resistant half-gallon (so, no plastic!). Then pour 1-2 inches of boiling water on top of them and let steep for two minutes. 

Next, fill the remaining half-gallon with cold water and let steep in the fridge for a few hours. If you just use cold water, the steeping can take four to six hours. However, by first steeping the tea with boiling water, you should take a few hours off the wait. This tea should be all to your taste, though, so feel free to add any natural sweetener like honey or leave as-is. 


Refresh throughout the day

You can also up your hydration throughout the day (makeup and all) by using a hydrating face mist. Many of these can be bought in stores for high prices, but as an insider secret, most face mists are mostly just water in a tiny, cute spray bottle. 

Fortunately for you, this means making your own DIY face mist for on-the-go rehydration is easy and simple. This recipe is an amazing.

DIY Hydrating rose water mist

In a 4oz spray bottle, mix:

  • 3oz of distilled water,
  • half an oz of rose water
  • ½ tsp of pure aloe vera juice.

Shake to mix, and use over the course of four to five days.

Because of the simplicity of the recipe, be sure to buy high-quality, pure ingredients. You’re making this face mist yourself, so don’t buy a component that’s already been diluted or mixed with other ingredients. 

Spray this rose water face mist a few times a day, giving the bottle three to four little spritzes. Use it whenever you feel your skin needs a little boost. A face mist is an especially great thing to bring to the beach with you and to use in between sunscreen applications, or on a hike alongside your protein bar. 

The beauty of a face mist is that they can fit into any part of your life, whether you’re dealing with the sun or your window A/C unit. Combined with an additional serum and moisturizer, you’ll be well on your way to having that under-the-mask healthy glow.  

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