Top 5 Must-Do’s for the Summer by Sanae Ferreira, Adventurer and Creator of Where the BlueBoots Go

Top 5 Must-Do’s for the Summer by Sanae Ferreira, Adventurer and Creator of Where the BlueBoots Go

Summer is a season that I wait for all year long. I did not realize that initially, and I actually took it for granted. Heat and constant AC are not my favorite things (hello, more laundry), but Boston overall has a milder summer than other parts of the country and there are SO many fun options to mix things up in summer. I thought about the reasons why I look forward to summer, and came up with 5 Must-Do’s to make your summer awesome.

Here they are: Explore. Gather. Rest. Create. Enjoy. You don’t need to take an extravagant vacation to cure your FOMO (if you can, though, please e n j o y!) and can hit all these 5 Must-Do’s without spending a lot. Take a friend, go alone – do a mix of the two and you may surprise yourself with a refreshed YOU in Summer, ready to accept the (shhh…) energetic FALL energy coming in a couple of months. Ready, set, GO!


Summer is the time to live your daydreams. It is no surprise that my favorite one on this list of 5 Must-Do’s is EXPLORE. I’m an adventurer, and I believe in the daily adventures that bring delight and inspiration to life.

Living in New England, I’ve come to fully appreciate the fun of a day trip. Take a trip – a day trip. Take a day off and find a new place to eat, or visit a great park to bring one of your hobbies to for a change of scene.

Cape Cod - Courtesy Sanae Ferreira

Explore a bookstore. Learn something new. Change perspective. Be inspired. Explore a new world in a book. Remember summer reading? My local bookshop has a curated list of recommendations, so see if yours has one as well, or poll friends to see what they’re reading these days for summer reading, all grown up.

Do something NEW to you. Use your resources: consult social media #tags to find what’s going on in your city, try your local magazine or newspaper, poll friends for some word-of-mouth wisdom, or simply show up in a neighboring city and walk, committed to exploring. This approach has been the most fun, especially with my husband and best friend, who has the same spirit of adventure that I do. When I want to find new things to do in Boston, I do all of these and subscribe to a couple of Twitter or Instagram accounts to find out about the latest events around town. Live your daydream!


Summer is the best season for adopting and practicing living with a positive, fresh attitude. I notice that I let the things that normally make me tense up go a little easier in summer … it must be that summer breeze, carrying heaviness and bothers away!

Summer is also a great time to be more fluid and spontaneous. Listen to live music. Lighten up your attitude. I also lighten up my makeup routine, and take on the day with a fresh face with just a little moisturizer and sun protection, mascara, lipstick + blush combo, and an illuminator.

Do you have to cook and don’t feel like it? Mix it up. Try a new cuisine, pick up some ingredients at a farmer’s market, pick music to match, and have a dance party (yes, dance like no one is watching is a philosophy that really works) while you cook.

Cherries - Courtesy Sanae Ferreira


When you are enjoying life, you will have a perspective and stories that make gathering special. Try simple picnics – gather with friends and family. Take a book out to a local lake or park, listen to the birds, conversations, or plug into your favorite tunes and enjoy.

Picnic - Courtesy Sanae Ferreira


Make sure to schedule in some rest and restoration. Summer can make it feel like you always have to be outside. Friends in California, where they’re blessed with great weather most of the year, complain that they feel like they always have to be outside and the fun of indoor activities and coziness are lost. You are allowed to rest. Find what makes you calm and restored, and go there. Swing in a hammock, camp out by a lake, or make a beach day of it.


Resting often helps inspire me to start running in the creative and productive realm again. Exploring, enjoying, gathering, and resting all provide ways to collect inspiration that you can channel into something awesome. Do you have a home project, DIY décor idea, building project, no-cook food recipe that you’ve wanted to try? Experiment with your “medium” be it music, art, food, wood, gardening. Start that new project you had been dreaming of doing! Express yourself.

Explore. Enjoy. Gather. Rest. Create. Collect inspiration. Do something amazing with it. Have fun!

Catch up with the adventures of BlueBoots on Where The BlueBoots Go or @BlueBootsGo Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest for more summer-inspired inspiration, all-year long!

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