Using Healing Crystals in your Skin Care

Using Healing Crystals in your Skin Care

Clean skin care is all about diving deep into the restorative powers of nature. That’s why today’s topic is about the use of crystals, often made deep within the earth, in everyday skin care. Are their benefits real? Let’s explore further how crystals work.

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How are crystals formed? 

Crystals have become popular as of late, not just for their beauty, but for their healing powers. Healing stones have been used for thousands of years by homeopathic healers, as they claim crystals have any number of healing properties, from warding away negative energy to being a mood lifter. Whether you believe this or not, one thing that is true is that crystals have a strong connection to the earth and the natural world.

This is because crystals are literally made underground, in places like caves or mines. All crystals are made from minerals that stack on each other in a very structured, orderly fashion. For example, the commonly known crystal jade is constructed from either calcium and magnesium or sodium and aluminium.

Objectively, crystals are not alive in the way plants are. But they do “grow” in the sense that they continuously get larger as more minerals are attracted to the crystal. Different types of crystal form under different conditions with different minerals; crystals are also affected by temperature and pressure. Diamonds, the most well-known crystal, are formed from carbon under very high heat and very high pressure conditions.

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For the most part, these minerals do not have colors of their own, but are influenced by impurities in their environment. Quartz crystal, for example, in its purest form is clear, but rose quartz gets its color from trace amounts of iron, titanium, or manganese.

Many people in the realm of natural healing believe that crystals have the ability to harness the energy of the earth and are a tool for manifesting energy because they’re made from vibrations in the earth. The crystals energy then resonate with your own vibrations. You may find they’re effective in helping you on your own spiritual journey, setting an intention and manifesting specific emotions. Even if you don’t want to follow that path, however, crystals still have beneficial properties stemming from the minerals they’re made of.

Beneficial properties of crystals

Companies that use crystals in their products claim that crystals have all kinds of beneficial properties, from anti-bacterial to anti-inflammatory, and that they’re toning, firming, and cooling as well.

Crystals are most known in skin care as facial rollers, the two most common types being jade face rollers and rose quartz face rollers. Jade has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, and rose quartz was common in Roman and Egyptian cultures. It’s said that even Cleopatra bathed in rose quartz salts because she believed in their anti-aging benefits—some things never change, do they?

In general, facial crystal rollers have a number of great skin benefits. They help tone and tighten the face, improve your skin’s ability to absorb applied products, smooth puffiness and wrinkles, and either tighten or open your pores if you use the roller hot or cold.

Rollers are also known from their massaging qualities, which encourage lymphatic drainage. Through your lymph nodes, lymphatic fluid helps drain and filter toxins in your lymphatic system and contain white blood cells. Using a face roller encourages this fluid to move around your body and improves circulation. So say goodbye to skin congestion and swelling.

Rose quartz facial rollers are often priced slightly higher because of their better benefits—firstly, rose quartz is a harder mineral than jade stone is, and can thus take more wear and tear. It’s also naturally cooler, though this can be mitigated by popping your jade facial roller into the freezer before using. As mentioned up top, the minerals the crystals are made from are often different. When using a rose quartz roller, your skin borrows a bit of iron and manganese.

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Other crystals

If you’re on board with the more spiritual side of crystals, study up on the different energy benefits. They’re essentially tuning forks of vibrations to bring you back into alignment with the energy of the planet. Or, just think of them as another way to bring intention into your life. When you take a minute to meditate with a certain crystal, you’re trying to channel the properties of that stone.

For getting rid of negative thoughts and energy, try using tourmaline. The shiny, black crystal originates in the Brazil area. It also serves as a protector, and used in skin care, is a shield against pollution and environmental stressors.

If anxiety relief and calming is what you’re after, then amethyst is the perfect crystal for you. It’s one of the most recognizable crystals and a deep purple color. It brings the intention to banish stress and bring back balance.

Moonstone is also one of the best crystals in terms of emotional well-being. The pearly, opalescent crystal is a great way to soothe your rocky emotions and bring you back in touch with your core.

The best thing about crystals is their variety. So no matter what you want to use them for, with enough research, you can find the match for you. To cleanse your crystals, mix a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass or ceramic cup of cold water – don’t use plastic or metal containers – then the crystals in this solution and allow to soak overnight.

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