What is a Milk Cleanser?

What is a Milk Cleanser?

If you’re already familiar with our products, you’ll know that our face cleanser isn’t in the conventional style of cleansers, but is instead called a milk cleanser (or cleansing milk). This week we’re going over what exactly a cleansing milk is, and why it may be the best fit for your skincare routine.

What is exactly a cleansing milk? 

Cleansing milk takes the gentle approach to skin cleansing. A milky cleanser is made from a natural emulsion of fats in water—these fats can be animal based, but ours is made with the natural fats from Neem oil.

And why is it called cleansing milk? That name comes from the milky look and consistency. For people who have never used a milk cleanser before, it may look like it’s doing nothing, but trust us when we say that milk cleansers can be some of the most effective cleansers out there.

Cleansing milk does not foam or contain exfoliating beads, but rely on emollients (substances that soften the skin) and vitamin E. Neem oil is rich in essential fatty acids as well as vitamin E. These emollients are effective at dissolving and gently removing everything from grime to even makeup and dirt.

Because of their gentleness, milk cleansers are good for all different skin types, especially for normal to combination skin. For acne prone skin, some people find they need to substitute with an acne-fighter like Tea Tree oil, but using a milk cleanser in conjunction with these products will help your skin stay balanced and hydrated.

Why Use a Milk Cleanser?

A milk cleanser lets the ingredients speak for themselves and often contain way less ingredients in total than a more conventional face wash. They also prevent the skin’s ph from being disrupted and becoming unbalanced.

Milk cleansers also contain none of the common additives present in other cleansers. You may love the feel of your favorite foaming cleanser or how tiny beads rub your face, but those are both chemical additives that are just for show. Foaming ingredients can also dry out your skin, and those beads are often bad for the environment and not water soluble. Milk cleaners also prevent the skin’s ph from being disrupted and becoming unbalanced.

If you are considering to incorporate a milk cleanser into your routine, our Deeply Cleansing Milk is a great place to start. Like all of our products it’s entirely vegan and made sustainably. As well as containing Neem oil, our cleansing milk contains Chamomile flower extract for its soothing properties, so it’s the perfect gentle cleansing milk and makeup remover for everyone, including those with sensitive skin.

How to use deep cleansing milk

To get skin dewy soft and looking fresh, apply a small amount to damp skin – face and neck. Gently massage to remove make-up, grime and loosen up clogged pores. Cleansing milk can be a wonderful addition to your skin care routine especially during the colder months, when the skin needs extra help to keep its moisture.

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